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10 Cars Sold in 11 Days by a Green Pea

If I told you there was a shortcut to turning your newest and greenest sales reps into high volume sales people, would your ears perk up a bit?

Customers do a ton of research before setting foot in the dealership. If they can do that research all with you, your sales cycle is going to shorten, you’ll stay top of mind, and they’ll be thankful you helped them and will reward you with more business.

There’s no better example of this than the story of the newbie sales rep at Matt Bowers Chevrolet. He sent out digital brochures, our AutoBio product, to EVERY SINGLE NEW LEAD he got, many times also including a personalized video with it. 

The customer gets all of their vehicle research done in one spot, sees that a real person is helping them, and the rep gets notified when they’re reading the report, so he knows when to follow up.

After baking this into his daily routine, he kicked off a recent month by selling 10 cars in 11 days. 

When you pair the right people, process, and product together, great things happen.