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How to Generate Quality Dealership Leads Without Spending Thousands on Ads

Getting leads is the lifeblood of your dealership. Being able to get in front of someone interested in buying a car is what every salesperson wants. The problem is that it can be expensive to do so. Buying billboards, radio ads, or television ads can be pricey, with return-on-investment difficult to measure.

Let’s look at some methods of getting quality dealership leads without spending thousands on ads.

Offer Valuable Content for Contact Information

Getting your customer’s contact details is a helpful step in getting a quality lead. With their mobile number or email address, you can contact them with potential deals you have. Speak to them about when and why they might be looking for a new car.

You can achieve this by offering a free download of valuable information so that the customers will give you the information you want. One of the most tried-and-true approaches is to have a trade-in tool on your website that estimates the value of your prospect’s vehicle. Talk about valuable content!

Ensure the Dealership Website Is Mobile-Friendly

People spend, on average, 3 hours and 15 minutes a day on their mobile phones. Browsing the internet on your mobile phone has now become easier and more convenient than booting a computer or laptop. Because of this, you should make sure that your website looks good on mobile devices. If the experience is negative, it will turn away potential buyers.

Quality Dealership Leads

Re-Establish Contact With Lost Prospects

There are customers who you’ll spend time with looking at cars and going for test drives, and they leave with nothing. To help stop these dead dealership leads, get their contact details early in the process. This allows you to follow up with them and try and convert them into a sale at a later time. Use your customer relationship management software (CRM) or simple calendar reminders to create a regular cadence of communication.

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Create High-Quality Walkthrough Videos

Walkthrough videos make great content for customers and work well with search traffic. You should produce high-quality videos that go through the specifications, showing the interior and exterior and vehicles’ features. This draws people in to see the vehicle themselves. High quality doesn’t have to mean hiring a professional or spending on expensive equipment. These videos can be shot and produced using your smartphone, a tripod, and simple video editing software.

Build a Repeatable & Scalable Inside Sales Process

When it comes to sales, your ratio of outbound calls and conversations is critical. If you know that, on average, 2 calls out of 10 turns into leads, then make the 100 calls to get 20 leads. The key here is to ensure that your BDC and sales teams have time devoted specifically in their day to make these outbound calls, and the ability to track them. If they’re easily distracted by other tasks, the calls won’t happen. If you can’t track the results of calls to conversions to close, you won’t know what areas to improve.

Create a Robust Referral Program

One of the best forms of generating dealership leads comes from a referral program. Customers who have had a good experience are more likely to speak to their family and friends about it, becoming ambassadors for your dealership. Adding on an incentive like gift cards or aftermarket accessories increases the chance of referrals.

Stay Organized With a Dealership Focused CRM Tool

Keeping all your information in one place about your customers will allow you to focus on what to do next with each customer. For example, you will know when a customer is due a new car or see when you need to follow up to make contact at the right time. There are numerous automotive-specific CRM software solutions available, like DealerSocket and elead, which excel at this task.

Use Direct Mail Marketing With a Strong Offer

Using direct mail is an excellent way of getting a promotional leaflet or brochure out to any area for a reasonable price. But, of course, you must have a great offer to entice a customer to come and visit the dealership.
Make It Easy for Customers to Share Your Message on Social Media

Whether the content comes from your emails or your website, make it easy for people to share your content. People like to be the first within their groups to share the latest trends or best offers. Make sure to use numerous share buttons on your website and in your emails.

Work Actively To Get More Facebook Followers

The more Facebook followers you have, the more chance you can get in front of people that may be interested in coming to your dealership. You can share some of the latest vehicles that you have in stock, the best offers at the moment, or that you’re interested in buying their car.

Make It Easy To Collect Leads On Every Page of a Dealership Website

At any place on your website, a customer should be able to enter their details or find somewhere they can show their interest. It could be a lead magnet (such as a trade-in tool), a chatbot, or a button on your top menu bar with a good call to action.

Create a Robust Sales Pipeline With Online Lead Sourcing

Now more than ever, there is a lot of activity online. From private communities, group chats, and social media, hunt down all the places that your customers hang out online and try to become a well-known name that provides value. This way, people will trust you when they need something you offer. The key here is to offer valuable advice and information and save the selling for later.

Partner With Other Businesses Online to Cross-Promote Your Offerings

In the music world, you frequently find two prominent artists come together and collaborate on a song. They do this to expose each other to their fans and grow their followings. This is a tactic you can use in your dealership. Doing a cross-promotional campaign with other businesses can help you get your name out to new customers, creating new dealership leads.

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