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Thousands of dealers have made the switch to TradePending for our accuracy, adaptability, and affordability. Trade delivers incredible ROI from trade-in leads. Offer delivers configurable single price offers in seconds. Badges merchandises online inventory, loading the lips of your sales team. Payments lets buyers shop your inventory by monthly payment.

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Trade & Offer


TradePending’s valuation methodology remains the only solution that uses real-time, local market data based upon the dealer zip codes. We measure retail “ask” prices instead of out-dated and irrelevant book values.

Highest ROI / Lowest Cost

Your largest marketing costs, after staff, are typically your paid ad spend and 3rd party leads. Trade will likely be your lowest cost yet highest producing marketing tool in your team’s toolkit.

We Build Your Brand, Not Ours

Instead of spending our advertising dollars to compete with you directly for brand awareness and impressions, we keep shoppers engaged with your site for trade-in valuations. We believe that you should own the customer relationship, not your trade-in tool provider. Trade keeps your shoppers on your site. We don’t re-sell leads, you own your leads.

Control & Customization

Trade brings new levels of transparency to the trade-in process, welcomed by consumers and dealers alike. Your team has control over the variables that influence trade ranges. This ensures your dealership holds more gross, while your customers have better and more informed conversations with your team.

Key Features

  • Local market data – Each trade-in report that a consumer receives is localized to your dealership, rather than pulling in national averages that don’t reflect your market’s reality. Read about our valuation methodology here.
  • Fast to implement & integrate – digital teams love Trade. We’ll have it up and running in just a few days across your homepage, SRP, VDP, and its own custom landing page.
  • Flexibility & Customization – You’ve got total control on where Trade lives on your website, as well its design.
  • Training & Support: Not only do we train and support your team on the product, we’ll coach on how to have better conversations with your buyers. We provide sample talk tracks and email templates, too.


Build Value

The #1 reason people visit your website? To research new & used inventory. Badges highlights what makes your used vehicles unique and your new inventory different from your competitors’. Conversations begin with value, rather than a race to the bottom on price.

Create Urgency

Badges uses real-time market data to showcase each vehicle’s supply and demand in your local market. At a glance, consumers see average time on the market, high demand vehicles, quick sellers, and more. When presented with market-driven facts, shoppers act with greater urgency to purchase their next car or truck.

Empower Your Team

On a daily basis, sales teams are confronted with pricing-only discussions. Badges provides market-relevant and vehicle-specific talking points for their everyday customer interactions.

Increase Website Engagement

Consumers that engage with Badges-enhanced inventory consistently outperform regular website visitors. They’ll spend nearly triple the time on your site, visit 3x more pages per session and be twice as likely to return.

Key Features

  • Fully automated – we ingest your inventory daily, automatically applying badges to the SRP and VDP.
  • Significantly boost website engagement, creating more valuable shoppers
  • Customizable “Manager’s Specials” to promote home delivery, new tires, new brakes, and other custom options.
  • Mobile optimized for the best consumer experience
  • Customizable branding to match your website design
  • Best-in-class customer support
  • De-commoditize new car inventory when comparing against nearby competitors

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From Our Customers

Dealerships Love Our Solutions

"After years of following the OEM herd, I was introduced to Trade, by TradePending, and I was hooked! We were happy to see our trade leads literally double when we added Trade to all our sites."

Peter Deiser, Director of E-Commerce, Ed Morse Automotive Group

"We love Badges because it’s so easy. TradePending ingests our inventory and everything else happens automatically. We are leapfrogging our competition when it comes to merchandising the inventory on our website."

John Bartle, Hebert’s Town and Country