October 15, 2020

Webinar: Fire Pit Chat with Kain Automotive

Fire Pit Chat with David Kain and Joe Dallas
October 28th 2:30 PM EST

No one is gathering inside around your fireplace. Instead, let’s gather together outside around the virtual fire pit. Join TradePending and Kain Automotive for this entertaining, informative, and casual conversation, so grab your favorite-pumpkin-whatever-beer.

In addition, we’ll cover pressing issues for automotive sales teams and a retrospective for 2020. You’ll need the beer for that part.

Together, Joe Dallas from Trade Pending and David Kain will tackle some of the most pressing issues dealerships have been facing, and will face in the coming year. It’ll be a mostly open forum and you’ll be able to ask questions to these industry experts during and after the chat.

David Kain, President, Kain Automotive Group
Joe Dallas, Chief Business Officer, Trade Pending


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