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Wolfchase Hyundai Grows Trade-in Leads By 68%


Hayden Moore GM Wolfchase Hyundai

Wolfchase Hyundai is a market-leading dealership out of Memphis, TN. Their GM, Hayden Moore, is a twenty year veteran of automotive, joining Wolfchase Hyundai in 2013.

“TradePending has been working so well for us that I’ve been referring them to all of my peers in automotive.”
-Hayden Moore, GM Wolfchase Hyundai

The Switch

Before making the switch to Trade, they’d used the brand-name trade-in tools previously, dropping those for lack of performance. They also experimented with using their website provider’s built-in solutions.

“As soon as we saw how Trade converts so quickly, and how we’d implement it across our site, I knew we had to try it out”, says Moore.

Looking back on their previous data, they’d been unable to determine the various sources of their leads. With Trade, they’ve got clear insight into how each campaign is performing, whether using TradePending’s reporting app or seeing their data directly in Google Analytics.

And what they saw were excellent results.


TradePending Wolfchase Hyundai Case Study

Prior to implementing Trade, the company was averaging 6.9 leads per day across all lead sources. With Trade in place, that jumped to 11.6 leads per day just from Trade, or a 68% increase in trade-in leads and inventory sourcing opportunities.

Moore continues, “Where we had limited visibility and limited impact before, the results show that we’ve significantly leveled up our game with TradePending. Having more conversations about sourcing used car inventory is also incredibly important for us right now.”

Success isn’t just dependent upon a tool alone. It requires a skilled team to deploy effective marketing campaigns.

They’re seeing strong mobile form conversion rates of 43%, driven through their effective use of marketing campaigns, driving traffic to their custom “value your trade” landing page.

Additionally, their first email marketing campaign, run by eMarketing Logic, netted them 85 leads within the first 24 hours.

Hayden and team also make great use of the other resources available to them, such as implementing a “value your trade” product in their Google My Business listing. In April, that totally free placement accounted for 10% of their trade-in lead volume.

TradePending Wolfchase Hyundai Case Study Stats

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