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Unifying TradePending’s User Experience for Your Dealership Website

As a consumer browsing a dealer’s website, if every vendor powering that website has their own look and feel, the experience can feel disjointed. While we can’t fix everything, we can unify the user experience across all four of TradePending’s products. 

The changes here are primarily cosmetic only, and don’t impact any functionality or flows that you’re used to. There’s no action required on your part, either.

New Report Designs

We’re redesigning all of the consumer-facing reports to provide a unified customer experience. This includes the market report that a consumer sees after completing the “value your trade” or “sell my car” process. This will also soon include the monthly payment certificate generated by the Payments product.

Aside from creating a more unified design, we ensured that these reports will perform better on mobile devices than previous versions. They will incorporate modern design principles that users are accustomed to when shopping or browsing online.

On the Payments and Pre-Qualification certificates, we’ve also added a “Next Steps” section, making it super simple for people to know what happens next. This area is lightly customizable with the ability to add in “Schedule a Test Drive” and “Get Pre-Qualified” calls-to-action to move customers further down the shopping journey.

New Badges Designs

As we’ve mentioned on our previous customer training webinars, we’re rolling out new designs for Badges. Our aim is to make it even easier to match our product to a dealer’s website look and feel given the small amount of real estate we have to work with. The update also follows the same design principles as the new reports, extending the same user experience even further.

Behind the scenes, this new update is much easier for our team to support internally. This speeds up our resolution times for initial launch and new support requests that our customers may have. The update also makes it quicker for us to deploy any custom badges on specific vehicles or groups of vehicles. 

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