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TradePending’s Top TikTok Hits of 2023: A Year in Review

“Peace out, 2023!” It’s time to take a trip down memory lane and take a look back at our three most popular “Man on the Street” videos from this past year.

1. “How Much is Too Much for a Car Payment?” A Financial Reality Check

With interest rates the highest they’ve been in a looooooong time, we posed a pressing question to our audience: “How much is too much for a car payment?”

This discussion hammered home the importance of financial literacy in car ownership. No wonder it’s one of our top videos of 2023, with over 110K likes and a tsunami of comments that are still pouring in today.

@trade.pendingHow much is too much for a car payment? We asked around…♬ original sound – tradepending


2. “What’s a Car That Old People Drive?” A Quirky Conversation Starter

Our second most popular video approached the car world with a dash of humor and a sprinkle of curiosity. We asked, “What’s a car that old people drive?”.

The question triggered a wave of responses, with users sharing their observations and stereotypes about the preferred cars of the older generation. With over 100K views, 2500 likes, and 75 comments, this video proved to be a hit among our audience (no offense to The Greatest Generation!).

@trade.pending What’s a car that old people drive? #cars #oldpeople #dealership #automotiveindustry ♬ original sound – tradepending


3. “If You Could Be Any Car, What Kind of Car Would You Be?”

Rounding off our top three is a video that invited our followers to partake in a fun thought experiment – “If you could be any car, what kind of car would you be?” The question sparked the imagination of our audience, leading to a variety of responses that ranged from luxury sports cars to reliable family vans.

@trade.pending If you could be any car, what kind of car would you be? #manonthestreet #whatkindofcariwouldbe #carsaleslife ♬ original sound – tradepending


Honorable Mention: Car Reviews Made Simple

One of our faves of the year was our very much “tongue-in-cheek” tutorial on “How to Review a Car on TikTok”. This semi-ridiculous yet helpful video appealed to both car enthusiasts looking to share their passion and dealerships wanting to use TikTok for their marketing efforts.

@trade.pendingHow to review a car on TikTok♬ original sound – tradepending


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