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TradePending’s Badges Wins 2021 Web Merchandising AWA Award

The good news keeps on coming. We’re proud to announce that Badges, our dynamic inventory merchandising and sales enablement product, won the 2021 Automotive Website Award for Website Merchandising.

Here’s why:

  • Badges highlights what makes your used vehicles unique and your new inventory different from your competitors’. Conversations begin with value, rather than a race to the bottom on price.
  • We use real-time market data to showcase each vehicle’s supply and demand in your local market. At a glance, consumers see average time on the market, high demand vehicles, quick sellers, and more. When presented with market-driven facts, shoppers act with greater urgency to purchase their next car or truck.
  • Every sales rep is now an expert on every piece of inventory. Badges provides market-relevant and vehicle-specific talking points for their everyday customer interactions.

If you haven’t seen it action, schedule a demo with our team, and see this live example here Cable Dahmer’s inventory.

Check out the AWA team’s full review of Badges, and you can watch their summary below as well.