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TradePending Support Wins Stevie Award Bronze for Team of the Year

Our team has done it again! Our support team has won yet another Stevie Award, bringing home the Bronze in the “Front-Line Customer Service Team of the Year – Technology Industries” category.

This isn’t the TradePending support team’s first time being recognized either. This is the fourth year in a row that they have been named Stevie Awards finalists.  TradePending’s support team is led by Gaye Weinberger. Through Gaye’s leadership and the team’s execution, we’ve been able to maintain our reputation for excellence in customer service.

Here’s how the Support team continued to grow last year.

  • From August 2022 through September 2023, the team has closed 62,636 cases. 
  • The new organizational structure split teams into separate functional roles for general support, escalations, strategic accounts, and deployment which created new opportunities for internal promotions, resulting in three team members earning promotions.
  •  Our new “Queue Master” which ensure requests are routed to the appropriate team. All new cases are classified and assigned within 1 hour of receipt, versus the previous 24-48 hour timeframe.
  • The launch of a Net Promoter Score program. Our NPS goal is 55 and we’ve exceeded that number since launching the program in April.
  • The team absorbed a new product launch and two new acquisitions.