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TradePending Re-Names a Few Things

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Three Acquisitions in 2 Years Means Change!

Since December 2014, we have pioneered innovative tools like Trade, Badges, Offer, and AutoBio to enhance conversion rates and optimize merchandising on dealer websites. Further, we broadened our portfolio through strategic acquisitions, including Payments (formerly AutoAPR), Snapcell, and Fixed Ops Digital. These additions bolster our team and product offerings, reaffirming our commitment to delivering exceptional digital solutions within the automotive industry.

So what do we do with all of that now? We’re the type of company that seeks to integrate all of our products together, as well as our people and our processes. One piece of that integration is making sure everything stays consistent, and that includes our product names. Thus, you’ll notice that starting the week of April 22nd, we’re renaming Snapcell to Video for Sales and Video for Service and FixedOps Digital to Service Offers.

Why? Because we name our products based upon what they do. We love being clever, but there’s really no need for us to try and be clever with product names.

The Big Picture is Making Your Business Simpler & Better

At TradePending, we operate on three core beliefs: 1) Making the customer experience simple leads to more business, 2) Giving buyers all of the information they need brings people in for sales and service faster, and 3) Giving our clients complete control of the data they share means the tools match their process, not the other way around. That’s what makes TradePending different.

Sure, simply re-naming products doesn’t impact that too much, but integrating those products together absolutely does. When a personalized video sent to a new lead can also include tons of information about their vehicle of interest, along with fluid next steps to value a trade or calculate a monthly payment, the customer experience is better and faster, shortening the sales cycle and keeping that customer engaged with your brand.

Or when customers can visit the service pages on your website and see transparent service offers and pricing, along with the ability to check their vehicle for outstanding recalls (while you capture that lead!), you’ll grow your service business and increase customer loyalty.

A Slow Roll

While you’ll notice these name changes immediately on our website and other public facing areas, we’ll slowly roll them out to the other areas of our business to minimize any impact on your business.

Thanks for being along for the ride.