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TradePending Payments vs The Competition


Payments are your solution to get customers engaged by quickly showing them how much they can afford, and talking about something other than price. Current solutions for payment calculations are stuck in rigid online buying solutions, and are not dealer friendly. Payments let dealers keep control of the finance conversation, while giving the customer that’s specifically looking for payment information the tools they need. We keep the sale in the showroom while allowing your current sales, delivery and F&I process to remain the same. 

Our Goal: 

  • Create high quality leads
  • Deliver engaged customers
  • Set you up with buyers that are ready for next steps

TradePending prefers to focus on what matters most to you: providing a website conversion tool that generates the highest quality leads, instead of a complex, lengthy online buying process. 

The Competition 

Normally when a consumer wishes to understand their buying power or monthly payment on a dealer’s website, they are faced with either rudimentary forms that provide little value, or with lengthy, cumbersome online buying processes that take forever and kill website engagement. These big solutions all exhibit similar characteristics:

  • Multiple software solutions that focus on completing a transaction online, instead of website conversion.
  • Requires you to change your internal processes to match theirs
  • Because their focus is the full transaction, they only appeal to a small subset of customers
  • Complicated, expensive set up. 
  • You spend so much time, effort, and money driving traffic to your website, just to have the OEM recommended solution capture and own the customer relationship.
  • Trade-in values that are frequently not based upon real-time, local market values.

This creates large hurdles to overcome and therefore generates only small adoption by the general public.

To that last point, only 2% of consumers bought a car online in 2021. Smart dealers know they need solutions to capture the attention of the remaining 98% of their website visitors; those who simply want to know which cars they can afford based upon their desired monthly payment. 

What sets us apart:

  • Absolutely fantastic website conversion numbers. We’re typically the number one or number two lead source for our customers’ websites. We’re built to convert website visits into leads, and not get bogged down in lengthy forms or processes.
  • Built to identify and capture consumers who simply want payment and trade information
  • Simple set up and integration on your website, complete with training sessions for your team.
  • Mobile Friendly – From phones to tablets to desktops, our responsive technology enables shoppers to easily calculate their payments from any device.
  • Keep the sale in the showroom – We work with you so your sales process stays the same, in the showroom, where 98% of the general public still buys. 
  • We identify a different type of customer – We’re not here to replace any tools you currently have.
  • Shop inventory by monthly payment, which helps your customers quickly find vehicles that fit their monthly budget. This engages your high-funnel website traffic and delivers a more informed buyer.
  • Seamless shopping experience – Invite shoppers to continue down the sales funnel with our integrated features that are designed to connect you with ready-to-buy shoppers
  • Dealer adjustable trade values, rates and terms – Highly customizable so that you have control over your numbers and your customers are equipped with the right information when coming into the showroom.


Key Additional Features: 

  • Personalized Payment Estimator – plugs into your site’s existing inventory pages and makes it fun and easy to view personalized payment estimates on any vehicle.
  • Search by monthly payment – Help your customers quickly find vehicles that fit their monthly budget.
  • Schedule a Test Drive – lets shoppers take charge of their test drive experience, bringing the test drive to them, wherever and whenever it’s convenient.
  • Pre-qualification – Invite shoppers to continue down the sales funnel with our integrated product suite after they’re prequalified.

Dealer’s websites do need to be intentional about meeting customers where they are in the buying cycle. There is a small percentage that will go through the lengthier online buying process, and dealers should have the tools in place to reach those customers. The reality still today: most people don’t want to buy a car online, what they are looking for is convenience. For the vast majority of customers that want to know what they can afford, dealers need high performing website conversion tools like Payments.

Schedule a demo and see for yourself how we do it.