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Customer Support Has Your Back

At TradePending our motto is ‘Simple Automotive’. That can mean a lot of things, but it absolutely means one thing to everyone, it has to work.

TradePending Customer Support

The automobile buying process is difficult enough and when widgets don’t work, and APIs don’t communicate, it makes your life anything but simple. The trust in our company comes from the reliability in our products. The reliability comes from the hard work our Customer Support Team puts in to make sure our products keep working flawlessly.

There is one common motif among our customers: they don’t have much experience with our support team because the tools work so well. That doesn’t come easy, through thousands of implementations we improved a little bit a lot of times.

TradePending Support Quote When you introduce TradePending and it’s tools to your website we seek to move efficiently. It starts with the contract process that can be finished entirely digitized and the implementation process that can be finished the same day. If you do have an issue, we hop on it. Our ticket acquisition rate average is below five minutes and the average time they are solved is below a half hour. This is the kind of speed and hardworking that our support staff constantly does so you don’t even notice that they are there. Support Ninjas.