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Top 10 Reasons Dealers Choose Trade and Offer over The Big Name Competitors

In the words of former late-night TV host and comedy legend David Letterman, “Wake the kids and phone the neighbors! It’s time for tonight’s Top 10 List!”

This evening’s category is the

Top 10 Reasons Dealers Choose Trade and Offer over The Big Name Competitors.

Reason #10 – Our products have a form completion rate of 25-30%. Our competitors’ rate is about 2%. That’s 12-15X more leads and inventory sourcing opportunities.

Reason #9Offer allows a dealer to configure the questions and deductions to deliver values that reflect their local market competition and buying strategy. Our competitors’ tools have no flexibility. Every questionnaire is the same! See why this matters in Reason #7.

Reason #8 – We base our vehicle values off of local market data that is updated every single day. Other valuation tools…who knows!?!?

Reason #7 – Dealers can customize Trade and Offer to generate trade values at the price level they need to match their inventory sourcing strategy. Dealers calling the leads generated by our top competitor typically to apologize upfront for their low offers. The competitors that “back” their valuations have an incentive to keep valuations unrealistically low, driving away leads and inventory sourcing opportunities.

Reason #6 – Offer can mimic the trade-in questions of national big-box retailers; if that’s what the dealer prefers. The competition… well, see Reason #9.

Reason #5 – Trade converts an average of 1% of a dealer’s mobile traffic (where 60-70%+ of a dealer’s site visitors come from) into a new lead, and will many times become a dealer’s #1 mobile lead provider. Our competitors’ tools are nearly impossible to use on a cell phone.

Reason #4 – Trade and Offer leads only go to the specific dealer whose site generated the lead. Our top competition sends leads from a dealer’s site to at least 2 of its competitors. How does this still happen?!?

Reason #3 – TradePending doesn’t compete with their dealers for their customers. Unless the dealer tells them not to, our competition takes a consumer to their own website and gets a backlink from the dealer’s site, which raises the competitor’s ranking on Google, in direct competition with their dealers.

Reason #2 – Trade and Offer capture a shopper’s contact info up front. The dealer gets the lead even if the consumer abandons the process. Our competition only secures contact info if a shopper first makes it through 50-72 questions.

And finally, the #1 reason dealers use Trade and Offer instead of the competition is… the ROI is exponentially better from a dealer’s own site, versus 3rd party leads or any other source. It’s simply a more effective tool!

For a more usable tool that provides more reasonable valuations and a higher ROI, schedule a demo of Trade and Offer.