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Tips to Boost Your Dealership’s Vehicle Marketing Strategy

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How Can You Generate More Leads and Close More Sales?

With car shopping now primarily starting on 7-inch phone screens, dealerships must be omnipresent to draw customers from the digital realm to their showrooms. Dealerships’ marketing strategies must reflect this digital and social media demand with omnichannel marketing. Through seamless interactions through multiple digital channels such as apps and the dealer’s website, omnichannel marketing transforms car-buying journeys, reshaping perceptions of sales reps and capturing leads efficiently across digital platforms. Omnichannel marketing facilitates this transition seamlessly, guiding shoppers through a marketing funnel to your dealership. As an industry leader, TradePending is an excellent omnichannel-marketing tool that offers proven results in increasing lead engagement, improving lead quality, and boosting closing rates, offering dealerships a competitive edge in the modern automotive market.

Industry Expertise

At TradePending, we simplify automotive experiences, bridging the gap between the information that consumers want with the information that dealers have. Since our inception in December 2014, we’ve introduced innovative tools like Trade, Badges, and Offer to improve conversion and merchandising on dealer websites. We’ve also expanded our offerings through strategic acquisitions, such as Payments (formerly AutoAPR), Video for Sales and Service (formerly Snapcell), and Service Offers (formerly Fixed Ops Digital). These additions strengthen our team and product range, ensuring we continue providing outstanding automotive industry solutions.


Payments simplify the process of estimating monthly payments and browsing inventory within a customer’s budget, converting website traffic into leads in under a minute. Easily integrated into your website, Payments generates personalized payment estimates for any vehicle in just 30 seconds, resulting in higher lead conversions than other solutions. First-party leads from Payments offer four times more information than basic payment calculators, fostering better conversations, appointments, and closing rates. You have full control over configuring payment amounts, ranges, and types, ensuring flexibility and transparency. This streamlines the pre-qualification process, builds trust with shoppers, and enhances their understanding of vehicle value propositions, reducing the need for external research.

Video for Sales

Ditch impersonal emails and maximize lead engagement with TradePending’s interactive video solutions. Effortlessly create, send, and analyze personalized messages, boosting sales and customer satisfaction. Video for Sales works seamlessly across Android, iOS, and Desktop devices for user-friendly reliability. Capture engaging content that your buyers want to see with ease – videos start when you press and stop when you release. Monitor key metrics with tailored reports, including videos sent and closed deals, to help learn from the best and to coach those who need more help. Integrating Video for Sales into your existing processes brings a human touch and personalized approach to every step of the buying journey, from team introductions and vehicle walkarounds to assisting with finance options and follow-up “Thank you” messages, all in one platform.

Let TradePending Do the Hard Work for You

Experience the power of omnichannel marketing with TradePending’s innovative tools. Seamlessly guide customers from online research to confident showroom purchases. Crank up your marketing engine and get on the road to better leads, higher customer satisfaction, and increased sales! From car video software to fixed ops marketing, Tradepending is your one-stop shop to elevate your vehicle merchandising strategy.