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“The Wobblies” TradePending Customer Awards


Please join us in congratulating twenty three TradePending customers for winning awards in “The Wobblies,” the inaugural TradePending customer awards.

The name “The Wobblies” references our semi-lovable mascot, Peep, otherwise known as the wobbly bird.  Here’s the backstory on Peep.

Our customers have excelled using TradePending products this year, but some of them really hit it out of the park. We’re celebrating their efforts to make a difference in a challenging year for inventory sourcing and merchandising. 

TradePending Wobblies Customer Awards Port City Nissan
The Port City Nissan team showing off their new award

Award Categories

We’ve divided up The Wobblies into four categories:

  • The Inventory Sourcing Grand Champion (1 award) – excelled at inventory sourcing across all channels while working closely with TradePending on new campaigns and product ideas.
  • TradePending Top Performer (18 awards)  – demonstrated excellence in sourcing inventory not only through usage of TradePending products, but also across all marketing channels and processes. These winners have excellent website and form conversion rates, regardless of their market size or website traffic.
  • Vehicle Merchandising Champ (3 awards) – showcased their inventory with Badges using new and creative approaches to merchandising their vehicles, along with best-in-class website placements to build value and create urgency with shoppers.
  • API Partner of the Year (1 award) – utilized the TradePending API in new and creative methods to bring authoritative vehicle valuations to new products and services.
TradePending Customer Awards Fred Martin Nissan Wobblies
Ashley Wills-Moore at Fred Martin Nissan flipping us the bird

And The Winners Are…

Inventory Sourcing Grand Champion

Hendrick Toyota of North Charleston

Led by General Manager Jason Scott, this team consistently delivers excellent website conversions for trade-in leads due to proactive campaigns and optimized website placements. They’ve re-invented their process for sourcing new inventory via the service lane, taking a customer-centric approach that puts their clientele at ease. They’ve also been instrumental in providing excellent feedback on new products and features.

TradePending Top Performers

Automotive Avenues

Beaverton Toyota

Bill Holt Chevrolet of Blue Ridge

Bob Poynter Chevrolet Buick GMC

Grand Prairie Ford

Halleen Kia of North Olmstead

Hendrick Lexus Charlotte

TradePending Customer Awards Wobblies Halleen Kia
Halleen owner Eric Halleen proudly displaying The Wobbly

Kelleher Ford

Kia of Chattanooga

Larry H. Miller Downtown Toyota Spokane

Loyalty Toyota

TradePending Wobbly Awards Loyalty Toyota
Hello from Loyalty Toyota!

Phil Long Motor City Hyundai

Port City Nissan

Rogers Chevrolet (Chicago)

Royal Kia of Tucson

Starling Chevrolet

West Herr

TradePending Wobbly Awards West Herr
Matt Lasher proudly holding their Top Performer Award

Wise Auto Group

TradePending Customer Awards Wobblies Hendrick Lexus Charlotte
Hendrick Lexus Charlotte showing off their bird

Vehicle Merchandising Champs

Hebert’s Town & Country

John Bartle, Digital Marketing Manager, routinely creates custom Badges that speak to special financing programs, trade-in offers, and new services. We layer these on top of the existing 40+ automatically applied badges to create powerful messaging on each VIN. 

Serra Chevrolet (Southfield, MI)

We love how the Serra team uses custom Badges to showcase their Serra Promise, creating greater loyalty and trust, and more value with each value.

Fred Martin Nissan

This team does a stellar job at using Badges to promote their “Fred Martin Superstore Platinum Advantage”, and clearly explaining what that means. Their customers love seeing that it includes a 5 day love it or leave it return guarantee, free lifetime limited powertrain warranty, free Carfax buyback guarantee, 3 years free oil changes, no lemon guarantee, 3 years free roadside assistance, and that they spend TWICE as much reconditioning vehicles than other dealers. Well done, indeed.

API Partner of the Year

Capital One – Auto Navigator

As Capital One expands their suite of financial products and services, they turned to our API to power valuations on their new automotive product lines. Backed by national advertising campaigns, they’re just getting started, and we’re excited to see what 2022 has in store for their team.

Finally, a big “thanks” to all of our customers, over 3,000 dealerships across the US and Canada, for trusting TradePending with your trade-in valuations. Since our early beginnings in 2014 we’ve grown to become the authority in vehicle valuations due to their support and the team at TradePending.