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The Best Apps for Car Sales

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Digital tools that make our working lives easier and more efficient are always a welcome addition to any business arsenal. We’ve compiled a list of the best apps for car sales and selling that every dealer can benefit from. These apps are available on both iOS and Android devices.

Our selection includes Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platforms, social media apps, and more. They make it easy to engage with your audience and boost your appeal to potential customers. Most of the apps are free or offer a free trial, but subscription costs may vary depending on your needs.

Social Media

Social media is the most popular way to engage with customers online. Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok are the most common platforms.

Slack and Microsoft Teams are excellent teamwork collaboration tools, while X, commonly known as Twitter, is still relevant for news and special offers.

LinkedIn is a great social media source to network and build your brand.

WhatsApp and Zoom are wonderful messaging apps for calling and video calling via the internet, with end-to-end encryption and worldwide distribution.

CRMs and Management Tools

There are many top-ranking CRM platforms and other management apps that are ideal for car sales as your teams and salespeople can manage your leads, time, and contacts with the supporting mobile apps.

Selly Automotive is an excellent CRM tool for independent dealers that offers timesaving communication through keen automated responses. With Selly Automotive, your sales team can manage appointments and other priorities. Your team can also use this CRM tool to track ROI on third-party leads such as, TrueCar, and CarGurus.

CircleBack is a tool that helps you stay connected by providing the latest contact information for your important connections, ensuring you can reach out to them when you need to.

Learning and Training

For what is often seen as a very traditional industry, car retailing is changing as dealerships are learning how to engage with a new type of digital-savvy customer online. Luckily, there is a wide variety of apps that cater to car sales professionals wanting to learn and train to obtain new skill sets. Some of the best apps are Mind Tools and SkillPill.

Mind Tools is a handy source for business-related articles and tips on leadership, decision-making, and communication. It excels at creating a consumer-style, on-demand learning environment that can improve employee engagement levels.

Similar to Mind Tools, SkillPill focuses on using video to deliver its content, utilizing micro-learning techniques and gamification processes to deliver high-impact.

Document Storage and Sharing

From signing an order form to a courtesy car release, the car industry has its fair share of paperwork! To improve efficiency and customer experience, it’s important to handle admin tasks quickly.

DocuScan is a free iOS app that allows you to securely convert a photo of a document into a high-resolution PDF or zipped JPEG.

DocuSign gives customers the ability to sign on the dotted line wherever and whenever is a huge advantage when working on the go.

DropBox‘s mobile app allows you to share and store files, collaborate on projects, and stay organized in one convenient place.

Note-Taking and Recording

Smartphone apps like Evernote and Dragon can help you stay organized and productive. Evernote auto-syncs across devices and allows you to store notes, photos, and more. Meanwhile, Dragon automatically transcribes voice memos and can even dictate emails and texts. Both apps are great tools for getting things done on the go.

Dealer Specific Apps

We’ll end our look at the best apps for car sales with some dealer-specific apps. These are designed for car dealers to help navigate our complex and constantly changing industry.

Auto Dealer App by Pulse helps you stay connected with customers 24/7. It automates and customizes communication to strengthen relationships and create sales.

J.D. Power MarketValues provides access to North American Dealer Association values, proprietary data, and vehicle history reports.

Saving the best to last? We like to think so! We can’t compile a list of the best apps for car sales without including ourselves. Video for Sales (formerly Snapcell) delivers reliable video tools to help increase engagement with your leads, ultimately increasing revenue, visits, and upsells. Available on all devices, it’s an easy-to-use app with revenue-boosting features, custom reports, and KPI tracking. Contact us to learn more.