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AutoAPR Rolls Out Test Drive+ to Move Internet Visitors Further Down the Sales Funnel and Set Appointments, Automatically

August 23, 2021 – AutoAPR, a payment engagement company that matches virtual payment calculations to a dealer’s inventory, today introduced Test Drive+, a new appointment-setting solution that turns previously anonymous internet visitors into showroom guests, automatically.

Dealerships that use Test Drive+ are now able to move interested customers down the sales funnel by taking them through inventory-specific payment calculations or shop-by-payment vehicle selection, and then invite the guest to schedule their test drive virtually. Once the test drive time and date is set, a calendar invite is sent to both the dealership and the individual, as well as being logged into the dealership’s CRM system. Test Drive+ uses Google My Business and can automatically schedule a day/time in various calendaring applications such as Google Calendar and Outlook.

“By enabling a customer to explore their own payment options and calculations in the comfort of their home, on their own time, and in their own way, AutoAPR takes away a lot of the friction points that can stall a sale. With this new feature automatically delivering a test drive appointment directly from the dealer’s website, it helps solidify the appointment and create an improved customer experience – both digitally and while at the dealership. It’s a powerful solution for our clients,” said AutoAPR CEO, Dan Mayer.

Test Drive+ works independently or in conjunction with both AutoAPR’s Reveal and Payment Explorer. Reveal is an innovative payment calculator that quickly automates every step of the payment research process, saving shoppers valuable time, whether they buy from home or in the showroom. Payment Explorer automatically connects shoppers with dealer inventory that matches their lifestyle and budget.

Product installation is simple and in many ways, customizable. The company works directly with each dealership’s web host and inventory provider to ensure proper installation and immediate usage.

AutoAPR solutions are used by franchise and independent dealers, as well as RV and Powersports dealers across North America. Industry partners interested in learning more about AutoAPR and its products are encouraged to visit

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AutoAPR exists to provide everything car shoppers need to know about auto finance in one convenient location, without demanding social security numbers or other sensitive information that could put their identity at risk. Our tools help dealers position themselves as a helpful guide, build trust with consumers, and close more high-quality leads than ever before.

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