Partner Of The Month

November Partner of the Month: Harrisonburg Honda

When a customer drives past other Honda dealerships to buy from your Honda dealership because you sent them a personalized video…that’s winning.

This interview with Bryan Horne, General Sales Manager at Veteran-Owned and Operated Harrisonburg Honda Honda explores how he uses video to get more sales and improve their CSI’s.

Bryan Horne, General Manager - Harrisonburg HondaCan you recall a particular success story where Video for Sales (Previously Snapcell) played a key role?

Bryan Horne: Absolutely! We had a customer who had been shopping for a Honda at multiple dealerships and made inquiries to all of them. As part of my follow-up process for internet leads, I always send a follow-up video.

This customer mentioned that we were the only dealership where the general manager himself sent a video and followed up with their internet lead. They appreciated the personalized touch we provided, and as a result, they chose us over other dealerships. They even drove past several Honda dealerships just to purchase their vehicle from us.

How has Video For Sales improved efficiency in your dealership operations?

Bryan Horne: Video For Sales has significantly improved efficiency, specifically for my internet salespeople. They have various tasks to handle, such as email, text messaging, and sending videos with Video For Sales.

The great thing is, with Video For Sales, they can accomplish all three tasks at once, making it incredibly convenient and efficient. You can send a text with the video, and even attach an email to it, completing three tasks in a single action. I absolutely love it!

What features of Video for Sales do you find most beneficial for your dealership?

Bryan Horne: Well, I have to say that personalizing the process through videos is pretty cool and my favorite feature. Additionally, the reporting feature is extremely helpful. It allows me to track how many people have opened the video and monitor the number of views.

If one of my associates sends a video, I am included in the conversation thread, enabling me to see the interaction and jump in if necessary. This feature gives me valuable insights into customer engagement.

How has Video For Sales contributed to improving customer engagement and satisfaction levels?

Bryan Horne: Video For Sales has had a significant positive impact on customer engagement and satisfaction. I use Video For Sales to send videos for various occasions like birthdays and congratulations on purchases, which I then download into my CRM system.

Since incorporating Video For Sales videos in my follow-up process, I have noticed a significant increase in customer engagement, even after the sale. Previously, I rarely received responses for birthday wishes or expressions of gratitude, but now, customers regularly express their appreciation and love for our dealership.

Video For Sales has truly elevated our level of engagement with customers.

What was your experience with the implementation and learning curve of Video For Sales?

Bryan Horne: The implementation and learning curve of Video For Sales were seamless. Personally, when I sign up for a product, I delegate the installation part. However, Video For Sales provided one of the most seamless integrations we’ve ever had.

The app was easy to download and the product itself was intuitive to use. It didn’t disrupt anything in our workflow.

How has Video For Sales influenced your sales and conversion rates?

Bryan Horne: Video For Sales has greatly influenced our sales and conversion rates, especially with our internet leads. Typically, when dealing with internet leads, it’s hard to know if they’ve received, opened, or responded to emails as they can go to spam or remain unopened.

However, with Video For Sales, we can track and analyze our interactions. For instance, if we send out 100 videos and 50 of them are opened, that’s a significant conversion. It provides valuable insights into customer engagement and helps us identify active prospects.

While there will always be unsubscribes or pauses in the journey, having this visibility is far better than wondering if someone even opened the email or is still interested.

Overall, the Video For Sales product enhances the customer journey and makes it easier to track and follow up on leads.

When considering Video For Sales as a solution, what advice would you give to other dealerships?

Bryan Horne: I highly recommend it. The personalization factor is significant. When engaging online, many individuals assume they are interacting with bots or call center representatives located in distant countries. However, with Video For Sales, we have implemented a strategy of following up leads with personalized videos.

This way, prospects are assured they are interacting with a real person – a salesperson who is available and eager to assist. The personal touch is invaluable. I strongly recommend it, especially for store leadership. Rarely do customers have the opportunity to interact with store leaders.

With Video For Sales, you can send them a video message and showcase your true personality. Don’t be afraid to be goofy; by being genuine and relatable, you foster better engagement and connect on a human level. For us, this approach has resulted in tremendous success.

We’re thrilled to join forces with Harrisonburg Honda. Their team’s enthusiasm and insights have been invaluable. We’ve been inspired to see how our service, Video For Sales, has improved their operations and boosted customer satisfaction through its video features. Big thanks to Harrisonburg Honda, for being our November Partner of the Month!