Product Updates

New Product Enhancement! Integrating Badges into Payments

Our Payments product has always been so much more than a routine payment calculator. It’s a website conversion machine that’s easy to use, friendly to F&I teams, and rivals our Trade product for the #1 and #2 for highest ROI marketing tools that dealer’s use.

The Badges product highlights a vehicle’s unique characteristics, and local market supply and demand. It moves vehicle descriptions beyond “what” to “why”, as in “why this car is valuable and worth looking at sooner than later”.

We just gave Payments some added sizzle by integrating our Badges product directly into it. As a customer works their way through the financial research process, we showcase the vehicle’s unique value propositions. 

This added flavor helps shift the conversation from “what the payment range is” to “why this payment makes sense”. 

Providing more complete information about a vehicle also reduces the need for customers to obtain research from sources outside of a dealer’s website, increasing your website’s stickiness.

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