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New Product Day! AutoBio Delivers “Customer First” Sales Enablement

There’s the official “marketing approved” release below, but here’s the quick skinny about TradePending’s newest product, AutoBio.

  • AutoBio makes every sales person an instant vehicle expert and skilled communicator, and keeps customers engaged with all the information they need.
  • Customers get ALL vehicle information from you, instead of bouncing around the internet for it.
  • Bring “dead” deals back to life when your team gets alerted when a previous lead re-engages with AutoBio’s content
  • We’ve integrated our website conversion products, Trade, Offer, and Payments, directly into AutoBio so consumers can immediately take that next step after receiving their detailed vehicle report.

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The Official Marketing Approved and Fully Sanctioned Release for AutoBio

TradePending, a leading provider of software solutions for car dealerships, has launched their newest product called AutoBio.  

Aptly named, AutoBio is a communication platform tied to TradePending’s entire data ecosystem and numerous value-add integrations. It enables dealership employees to tell the full “story” of every vehicle they have for sale. Marrying TradePending’s own products with data from CARFAX, service history records, window stickers, and local market statistics bridges the information and process gaps that challenge dealerships and consumers to do more deals.

“AutoBio builds credibility and trust between the consumer and a dealer,” said Brice Englert, CEO of TradePending. “Both parties see the same information about a consumer’s vehicle of interest, resulting in conversations that start from a position of mutual understanding and transparency. The sales and BDC teams then have the tools they need to drive more customer follow-up and showroom visits”.

“As soon as we saw AutoBio, we got it right away,” says Rebecca Balonier, Internet Director at Volkswagen of Elgin. “We’re working hard to get our sales team operating at the highest levels again. AutoBio will be a key part of this process.”

The sales professionals at dealerships can easily share AutoBio’s detailed reports with their customers via text and email, and then be alerted when the consumer engages with that report, helping the dealer understand the right time to re-engage.

“We’re not reinventing the sales process, we’re just helping it run more smoothly and efficiently,” comments Englert.

AutoBio differs from other solutions by seamlessly integrating TradePending’s additional products into the natural flow of a buyer’s shopping experience. While conducting vehicle research, a buyer can easily take the next steps to value their trade-in, to calculate a monthly payment on the vehicle they’re researching, or to schedule a test drive. 

Balonier continues, “What really sets it apart is the inclusion of the other products, so it’s easy for our customers to take the next step, or to see really valuable local market data about each vehicle.”

AutoBio also integrates with TradePending’s Badges product, injecting rich market data about each vehicle into the report. Buyers can easily see popular and rare attributes, as well as how much local supply remains, or how demand is changing over time. 

“Most important to us was for TradePending to maintain our position of working with dealers, and not competing against them,” remarks Englert. “We don’t market to consumers and don’t redirect them to our website. We help dealers build their brand, and keep users on their site.” 

About TradePending

TradePending’s mission is “simple automotive,” bringing dealers and consumers together across North America. Over 4,000- dealerships across the United States and Canada utilize the company’s sales enablement and website conversion platform to educate and inform their customers, to simplify and shorten the sales process, and to convert their website traffic into new opportunities. The platform includes integrated solutions for trade-in valuations, single-price offers, monthly payment calculators, creative inventory merchandising, and detailed vehicle reports.The TradePending API provides industry partners with proprietary market data to power their own products and services.