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Never Miss A Sales Opportunity Again With TradePending

Buying a new car is exciting: looking at different models, comparing specifications, not to mention the magic of “new car smell”. But what about used cars? Slow, unclear valuations turn customers off before they have a chance to buy from your dealership. As a consequence, dealerships miss out on sales opportunities. Consumers can find it hard to source the right car for them.

Used car sales do not need to be this hard. Tools like TradePending’s Trade not only make valuations easy and trade-ins convenient, they also connect dealers and customers at just the right time.

Providing Local Market Valuations

A fast, and market-specific valuation is the foundation of successful used-car sales. TradePending is the industry’s only platform that provides real-time data, based upon the dealer’s local market. Rather than looking at book values, our methodology considers market demand for the vehicle in question.

TradePending bases its analytics on the zip code of your dealership, giving you the most realistic valuation possible – fast. As a result, customers can browse when it suits them in the certainty that the car they’re hoping to trade-in will deliver a value they’re expecting.

High Quantity And Quality Leads

The accuracy and the speed of the valuation generated by TradePending’s analytics are at the heart of our lead generation. Trade takes care of the lead generation process for you, and Trade delivers a high number of leads directly from your website to your sales team.

Lead generation is about more than numbers, although the numbers are impressive. Apart from quantity, your dealership needs high-quality leads. We deliver three to four times the number of leads on average compared to our competitors. Offer then walks the most interested consumers through additional questions. The consumer receives a single price offer, and your sales team receives much higher quality leads. We routinely see 30% of all inbound leads complete the Offer process.

When it comes to used car sales, the difference between the two is simple: a lead becomes a prospect when they are ready to talk directly to a salesperson. It’s the moment when window-shopping turns into actual shopping.

Identifying that moment is key to maximizing the conversion of leads to prospects and then to sales. Trade and Offer let you know exactly when to talk to your prospects. As a result, your sales team no longer loses time chasing the wrong leads, and you don’t lose out on the opportunities that count.


No two dealerships are the same, and no two customers are the same. This is why TradePending and Trade are highly customizable. Our mission is to help you build your brand and your dealership rather than our brand.

Our tool becomes yours as soon as you start customizing. You know your market best, and your team is best placed to understand how to adjust our software to match your strategy. Select what you need to know about the car they are trading in, then adjust how it influences the valuation.

Efficiency And Deal Flow

Dealerships no longer have to choose between high conversions and slow but accurate trade-in valuations. Instead, Offer combines the best of both worlds into one single, smooth process.

Not only that, but it also unifies your dealership’s online and in-store sales processes. For example, if your prospective customers complete a trade-in form online before coming to the store, your sales team can pick up exactly where the customer left off. Your team has access to the form and all the information about the car, including the valuation.

The streamlined transaction helps you close deals smoothly and gives your customers a great experience. They are bound to come back to your dealership for their next car.

Increased Credibility And Trust

TradePending’s process is transparent throughout. Information is passing both ways between customers and dealers. As your potential customers complete the valuation, they not only give information to you, they also learn how the information they give about their car influences the valuation and what other factors are essential in this particular market.

In addition, Offer allows customers to see how their trade-in compares to other cars available in the area.

Customers then understand the context of their valuation, and the transparency of the process builds credibility and trust between dealership and customer.

Highest ROI Among Your Marketing Tools

TradePending routinely pencils out as the #1 or #2 highest return on investment digital marketing approach across 3,000+ dealerships. The reason? We make our solutions simple for both dealerships and consumers to use, resulting in higher quantity and quality leads.

Our  tools are optimized to work on mobile devices, meaning your customers can connect to your dealership wherever they are.

TradePending’s tools integrate thorough market analysis and lead generation tools into one powerful suite of marketing tools. As a result, dealerships connect to their customers online, through mobile devices, and in-store, helping complete sales smoothly and quickly.