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May Partner of the Month: Audi Mississauga

Audi Mississauga is TradePending's May 2024 Partner of the Month

Congrats Audi Mississauga!

When it comes to luxury automotive service departments like Audi, it’s important to provide a premium level of service. Audi Mississauga continues to provide that excellent service and personal touch, even with two locations.  We sat down with Nevash Parmanand, Service Manager at Audi Mississauga to discuss their use of Video For Service to connect with customers.


Can you walk us through your background? What motivated you to work in Fixed Ops? What led you to Audi Mississauga?

I was born into the automotive world, starting my career at 16. I’ve always had a passion for cars, beginning as a co-op student at a VW dealership. From there, I worked my way up from detailing cars to car wash services, eventually becoming a junior service advisor, and then a senior advisor. Now, I oversee service operations at two stores.

What do you believe are the biggest challenges facing luxury automotive service departments today, and how do you address them?

The biggest challenge I face is time. Our customers are not really worried about how much it will cost them. Instead, they care more about how quickly they can get their car back. Finding ways to meet those tight timelines can be tough.  We aim to provide a premium level of service that not only meets quick deadlines but also adds that human touch.

How long have you been using video in the service department? What other video solutions have you tried before and how was the experience?

I’ve always been intrigued by the idea of using video in the service department, even back when I was an advisor. The thought was that it could make conversations with customers less challenging. When people are spending their money, they want to see the value, and now, we can visually show that to them. The reaction from our customers has been great, they love it. 

At first, getting the initial buy-in from our techs was tough. However, we emphasized that they are an essential part of the customer experience. It’s all about connecting the technician to the customer to build stronger relationships. My team of 20 guys was all for it, which was great. 

In April, we sent out 650 videos, and the watch rate was around 70%. We’ve seen a big increase in the number of repair orders approved. We also use some videos to train our appointment coordinators, so they can better understand our work and possibly become advisors down the line.

What strategies have you found most effective when using video messages to build connections with customers? Are there any best practices you could share?

I’ve found keeping things short and to the point is most effective. Sending thank you videos after servicing, where we say something like, “We’ve checked everything, and it’s all good,” really helps.

What other innovative practices has Audi Mississauga implemented to enhance the customer experience?

I look after two dealerships and need to be in many places at the same time. Because of this, I like to use Video For Service to communicate with my team and train them instead of sending out hundreds of emails.

How has customer feedback shaped your use of video in the service department?

During our first month after launching Video for Service, we saw customers directly thanking our technicians for the videos, both in person and through Google Reviews. This not only boosted our technicians’ morale but also created a deep sense of pride across the team. Now, customers expect a video with each service. They’re even asking for MPI videos now.

Thank you, Audi Mississauga, and congratulations on being our May Partner of the Month!