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Commercials Leveraging TradePending to Source Inventory

We love seeing our customers run ads that focus on inventory sourcing, and not just because we like seeing our name included. By letting your market know that you’re using independent, 3rd party data, your shoppers have more confidence in the valuations they receive and more trust in your dealership. Check out these three spots.

Faulkner Group – Giving Firm Offers

The Faulkner Group has created its own buying center using TradePending’s API. This is a great utilization of our API to power their solutions, and to source more inventory.

Port City Nissan – Inventory Sourcing

We love this commercial for their the South Park cartoon treatment and also their message. They’re leaning on the fact that they use an independent company supplying market specific valuations for all vehicles. Plus, they call it the Port City Nissan’s TradePending tool, which we enjoy hearing.

Dave Hallman Chevy – Vehicle Merchandising

TradePending’s Superlatives product automatically applies badges to your inventory that accentuate the unique traits the vehicles have. Dave Hallman Chevy took this and ran with it by highlighting the rarest vehicles, building the urgency to buy. They even decided to include the badges in the commercial to further show off the rare types.

Sons Ford – Inventory Sourcing

Did you catch the market report graphic? It was well embedded into the car acquisition work flow that helps Sons Ford source more inventory. This is a great representation of how TradePending operates as a part of an inventory sourcing strategy.

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Updated August 11, 2022