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Ladies Taking the Wheel at TradePending

Cue the drum roll this #WomensHistoryMonth, as we raise the curtain to a few of the phenomenal Women of TradePending. We cheer for our diverse and skilled female teammates who are spread across every department of our organization.

Meet these incredible women, who aren’t just making an impact at TradePending, but also across the automotive industry.


Product Sales Specialist

Meet Julia Krupa, a seasoned pro in the automotive industry, who’s been crushing it since ’98. Her superpower? Transforming service departments in dealerships to boost profits and wow customers. She lives and breathes by the mantra, “Boldness and brokenness take courage,” turning every challenge into a win.

Her two cents to women trying to rev up their automotive careers? Dive in with passion, be ready to learn, shake off failures and always put customers first.


Conversion Specialist

Say hello to Jennifer Garzinski, our go-to gal at Trade Pending, looking after sales all over the U.S. She’s got a knack for sniffing out leads and has played a key role in launching AutoBio. Eleanor Roosevelt’s words “No one can make you feel inferior without your own consent” are her personal motto. Jennifer believes that women excel in the automotive world because of their empathy and communication – key to keeping clients happy.

And hey, if you’re a woman thinking about a career in the car biz, Jennifer cheekily says, “Men can do it. How hard could it be?”


Product Specialist

Meet Becky Webb, a seasoned sales specialist who loves everything cars. Her passion for motorsports is unmissable, just like her admiration for trailblazing ladies like Janet Guthrie. She’s all about teamwork, leaning into her competitive edge and adaptability. She thrives on the thrill of the automotive industry, no two days are the same!

Her message to budding women in the field? This career is exhilarating, always evolving, and completely unique.


Director of Major Accounts

Meet Megan Bosse (Demaree), a powerhouse in the automotive industry who’s been rocking it for over a decade. Megan’s not your average Director of Major Accounts – she’s a strategic mastermind who thrives on big challenges and loves to grow. Say “hi” to Megan at the the Women in Automotive event in Colorado Springs.

According to Megan, if you’re after a career that’s thrilling, fun and always offers room to learn, the automotive industry is your oyster.


Senior Customer Success Manager

Jaime Zazove, is a Senior Customer Success Manager at Trade Pending. She grew up in her family’s dealership, quickly learning that a customer-first mentality is key. She’s a whiz at not just doing her job well, but also in building lasting relationships with her clients – it’s what makes her job meaningful and rewarding.

Jaime’s advice to women considering an auto career? Be bold, speak your mind, and don’t be afraid to change your goals, as long as you chase them with grit.


Director of Major Accounts

Jessica Sohn, is a Director of Major Accounts at TradePending. Jessica lives by a simple but powerful mantra, “We rise by lifting others and truly believes in empowering others to achieve success. For Jessica, women bring something special to the automotive industry, like great communication, teamwork, and eye for detail.

Above all, she urges women to speak up and not underestimate their unique viewpoints.


Social Media Manager

Joanna Hairston is the social media guru at TradePending. She’s not just about posting great content, but also loves highlighting the achievements of our top dealers in her Partner of the Month feature. Joanna is driven daily by her favorite mantra: “The more you practice the art of thankfulness, the more you have to be thankful for,” by Norman Vincent Peale.

Her message to all those aspiring ladies out there in the auto industry is “Remember, you can achieve anything you set your mind to.”


VP, Customer Success

Say hello to our VP of Customer Success, Andrea Myers! Andi believes in living each day as if it were her last, leaving no room for regrets and considers herself an overachiever. Andi is a big believer in the unique value women add to the automotive industry, from strong connections to great communication skills and believes that women have a natural instinct to want help and be each other’s advocates.

She encourages aspiring women to consider the automotive field, a place where she herself has found unexpected fulfillment.


Senior Customer Success Manager

Let’s chat about Becca LaBonte! She’s a Senior Customer Support Manager at Trade Pending, with a killer track record in the automotive industry. Becca’s got a decade of experience helping dealers generate leads and giving customers top-notch experiences. She’s always believed in the power of hard work and consistency in achieving success, not just in terms of money but also by helping others reach their goals.

Becca believes that there are huge opportunities in the automotive industry, you’ve just got to be ready to go out and ‘hunt’ for them.


Training Registrar & CSM Administrator

Say hi to Aimee Eastwood , our Administrative Assistant who’s in the middle of it all, interacting with our clients and teaming up with our Customer Success team. Aimee’s family inspires her to give her all at work, motivating her to push her limits. For her, women bring a unique touch to customer support in the automotive industry, thanks to their innate compassion.

Thinking of stepping into the auto industry, ladies? Aimee’s advice: Dive right in. Learn everything you can and remember, the journey’s all part of the fun.


SVP, Support Operations

Let’s chat about Gaye Weinberger, Senior Vice President for Support Operations. She learned this from a tidbit she picked up at a Disney conference, “problems are a wake-up call to creativity.” Gaye is all about teamwork and multitasking, skills she believes are the superpowers of women in all industries.

Looking to step foot in the automotive world? Gaye’s advice is to stay inquisitive and brave – don’t shy away from asking questions or diving head-first into challenges.


VP, Strategic Partnerships

She’s a mom, a travel junkie, an animal friend and is making waves in the auto industry. Kerstin Todd‘s got 14 solid years in the biz and now serves as VP of Strategic Partnerships at TradePending. She acts as a go-between for OEMs and dealers, a role she jokingly calls ‘pseudo marriage counselor.’ She’s also a big believer in the unique strengths women bring to the table, especially their knack for understanding customers.

And as for her advice to women who want to get into the industry? Put yourself first and don’t be afraid to say ‘no’ when you need to.

Here’s a salute to our incredible women at TradePending! Go Ladies!