Partner Of The Month

June Partner of the Month: Milwaukee Powersports

Congrats Milwaukee Powersports!

Within ten minutes of it being live, we had a lead. It completely changed the game for us.” 

Milwaukee Powersports opened in 2021 and quickly realized they needed a payment solution to help convert website traffic.  Maggie Vesey, Marketing Director, knew she was targeting the right people, but they weren’t seeing high conversion rates. She wanted to change their website for the better. That’s when Maggie implemented Payments.

What were you doing or using before starting with Payments?

“Before using Payments, we used a company that provided a full CRM and website solution. However, during a website overhaul, we transitioned to managing payments manually. This manual process was very time-consuming and ineffective.”

How has Payments helped?

“We no longer have to do payments manually. It’s actually our #1 lead driver. In our off-season, we don’t get a lot of leads or outside traffic in the fall/winter in Wisconsin. Now that we have TradePending, it’s been beneficial because of all the outside leads. We did a complete overhaul of our website, and it looks professional. With Powersports, it can be difficult to get it not to look scammy or old.”

What do you measure to determine if you’re successful with Payments or not?

“We take into account when we get a lead. We look at if the person responded and if they are actually generating conversation. We also focus on the QUALITY of the lead and the percentage of those good leads that actually turn into sales. We analyze a daily sheet to understand how people come across our ads.”

How has your experience been working with the TradePending team?

“​​It’s been great. Everyone has been super nice. There were some nitty-gritty things happening with watercraft that caused issues for us. But any time we had an issue, they were quick to help. For example, when a button wasn’t showing up on units, they immediately noticed and changed the code.”

Are there specific features of the “Payments” products that you find particularly beneficial for Powersports?

“The ability for people to shop for their desired monthly payment really helps. We need to cater to them in every way possible. With the tool that allows customers to shop based on their monthly payment, our team can now show them different products in their price range. By doing that, it makes the shopping experience so much more engaging for the customer.”

What advice would you give to other dealerships considering TradePending’s “Payments” products?

“Its functionality spans all aspects of our website. We make sure our team is aware that it is functional on every part of the site. We also ensure it is placed in a prominent spot. If people see it, they are going to click on it. Even though it’s not our top button, it is still our #1 lead generator. We were initially skeptical. Nobody wants to believe it will work that well. However, we were wrong. Within ten minutes of it being live, we had a lead. It completely changed the game for us. Seventy percent of our leads now come from it.”

Thank you so much to Maggie Vesey and Milwaukee Powersports. Congratulations again on being our Partner of the Month!