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Inventory Sourcing from your Service Department

Looking for a simple way to generate more trade-in leads and source new inventory from your service department?


Download Image HereHere’s a simple approach. Print out this sign, read this article to see how to get generate your own QR code, point that QR code to your “value your trade” landing page (don’t forget to use UTM codes!), and place the finished product throughout the service department.



Need more help? Follow our step by step instructions below.

Step 1 UTM Codes | Step 2 QR Code | Step 3 Place and Print

Create the UTM Codes

Click the link below and it will take you to Google’s UTM creator to track the usage of your campaign. Fill in all the required fields and convert the long UTM link to a short link. Copy that link URL.

Link to Google Developer UTM Creator

Create the QR Code

Visit the QR Code Generator Website

Enter your copied short URL from the previous step and save the image of the QR code onto your computer.


Place the QR Code

We have provided a PDF and a JPEG image for you to use. Open the image we provided and place your new QR image in the white square provided on the image.

Print, you’re done! Place this image in your service department and or customer lounge. They’ll be bored and curious enough to give you a lead.

Download Image Here

Click Image to download



Are you looking for more ideas and help with sourcing inventory? Download our “Ultimate Checklist for Sourcing Pre-Owned Inventory“.