Best Practices and Tips

How To Empower Your Dealership Sales Team

Upgrade Your Dealership Sales Teams Toolbox

Your sales team can be the make-or-break point for anyone interested in purchasing a vehicle, but with access to specific dealership apps, tools, and software, they can take control of the sales process and ensure that every customer walks away with the experience and vehicle they deserve. Features from TradePending are essential components that will upgrade a sales team’s toolbox so they can offer an experience like no other. The sales team can add personality to a sales process while making the car-buying experience less stressful, which leads to a quick and seamless process for the sales team.

Reclaim Face-to-Face Interactions with Dealership Video Marketing

A dealership’s sales team is more impactful when they allow their personality to shine through, which is difficult when the only form of interaction they have with customers is via email. Allowing a sales team to have access to virtual platforms that showcase their talents can help connect them with online shoppers the same way they would in a showroom. A sales team can build rapport with its customers without using impersonal emails and while saving time on wasted leads. Tools like Video for Sales (fka Snapcell) allow a sales team to create personalized video messages and walkthrough videos of a dealership’s inventory, which helps reclaim face-to-face interactions with the sales team. This useful tool is a great way to equip your sales team with the necessary means to make a difference every time someone visits your dealership site.

Use Tools and Tech to Make the Sales Process Easier

With the help of digital marketing tools, your sales team can save time for themselves and the customer by utilizing essential features to provide customers with a better understanding of their financial dealings while also leading to a seamless sales process and increased closing rates. Helpful tools like the Payments can remove the unknown factor, allowing customers to know what to expect before making a big purchase. Customers can easily make calculations and change different factors on their own, reducing customer objections to the sale and putting them at ease. This also makes car shopping less stressful for customers and allows the sales team to do their job more efficiently.

Create Service Deals that Sell Themselves

Your sales team can also take advantage of the Service Offers (fka Fixed Ops Digital) solutions to ensure that customers have a transparent and efficient experience when looking for services and parts. With just a few simple clicks, your sales team can have access to the inventory, capabilities, cost, and requirements of your dealership so that each customer has a unique and friendly experience. This digital marketing tool simplifies the process of service special management and provides customers with transparent pricing so they can confidently compare prices with other service locations. Thanks to clearly defined pricing and targeted ads, customers will come knocking on the service bay doors in no time. Your sales and service teams can easily answer questions and provide each customer with a customer service experience that exceeds all expectations.

Apps for the Car Salesman

By reclaiming face-to-face interactions, utilizing tools and technology, and creating appealing deals, your team can change how customers view the car shopping experience. These tools can help your sales team build better relationships with future car buyers so that they continue to come back whenever they need to purchase a vehicle. They also save time for the sales team and make the car buying experience seamless and stress-free. With the help of Video for Sales, TradePending Payments, and Service Offers, your sales team can win in lead generation.