Product Updates

Trade Improvement on CDK Websites Yields 25% More Leads

Little Change, Higher Conversions

When it comes to lead generation in the automotive industry, every little bit of optimization counts. That’s what keeps Trade the high converting trade-in tool ahead of others.

In February, we took a hard look at our implementation of Trade, our website conversion tool for trade-in leads, on the homepages of dealers’ websites using CDK as their website provider. We knew we could improve the design, and were curious to measure what impacts these design changes would bring to conversion rates.

Our prior implementation placed the “value your trade” banner inside a grayed-out image, many times making it difficult to read the text. The user experience on mobile also wasn’t up to our current standards.

TradePending CDK Banner Improvements

We quickly collaborated with our Support team, auditing nearly 300 dealers’ websites, landing upon a new standard implementation. We swapped the grayed out images for solid color banners that matched our customers’ websites, launching the update on March 1st, 2021. After 60 days of data collection, overall website conversions for TradePending customers using CDK’s website platform jumped by 8%. Although not related to these design improvements, overall form completion rate also increased by 10.5% during the same period.

TradePending CDK Leads per dealer

Those seemingly small numbers have a big impact when extrapolated across hundreds of dealers. 

  • Average leads per CDK dealer on March 1st – 127.6 (previous 90 days)
  • Average leads per CDK dealer on May 1st – 160.2 (previous 90 days)


That’s a 25% increase in leads from one small product enhancement. 

We obsess over getting trade-in leads right, every day. There’s never been a more important time to source used car inventory, your trade-in tool provider should be working every angle on your behalf to improve at car sales lead generation.