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Get the Scoop for Car Shoppers

Who is TradePending?

We provide software to car dealerships. We’re most known for Trade, a Zillow-like experience for valuing your car as a trade-in. We’ve been in business since 2014.

How is TradePending different?

We determine a vehicle’s value by examining all the comparable cars sold and for sale in your local market area, just like real estate agents look at comparable houses for sale to know a home’s listing price.

We refresh our data every night to make sure our values constantly adjust to the market. The other guys use “book values”, but no one knows what that means nor what data they use to value a car, nor how often they update it.

Do you have any products for car shoppers or consumers?

No, we do not market or sell any products directly to consumers. If you want to see how much your car is worth, find us on your local dealer’s website. If we’re not there, ask them to switch to TradePending! 🙂