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How To Generate More Dealer Sales Using TradePending’s Trade Valuation Tool

The auto retail world has been experiencing fierce competition for quite some time now. However, with dealerships increasingly taking the digital route to market their offerings, there’s a need to get more creative with ad campaigns to attract leads. 

According to this article in AutoList, buyers spend nearly 90 days in the car shopping process, spending 9 hours researching before making a vehicle purchase decision.

Advances in digital retailing, improved trade-in tools, simplified analytics, and buying platforms enable car dealerships to acquire new leads and help them manage customers efficiently. 

In this article, we focus on four effective ways that Trade helps generate more dealer leads and boost sales.

1. Mobile-Optimized Solution

Today’s consumers’ omnipresent usage of mobile devices drives forward the importance of search engine optimization and mobile user experience. Prospective car shoppers increasingly use their smartphones to get more informed about their next vehicle purchase. Our own data shows that 60% of visits to dealership websites are on a mobile device, while 75% of all trade-in leads come from mobile users.

The best solutions streamline all aspects of the car-buying process across mobile devices, improving efficiency for dealers and consumers.

With more customers turning to their mobile devices for car shopping needs, TradePending’s Trade facilitates trade-in reports in seconds, boosting sales and conversions from mobile devices and desktops. As per a previous case study, Trade helped a Toyota dealership by increasing their leads by almost 400 per cent, owing to their advanced mobile integration. 

2. Blazing Fast Implementation and Comprehensive Support

Setting up a website to be integrated with new technology can be time-consuming and difficult for employees to get used to. With Trade’s ridiculously quick implementation, your dealership website will be equipped with the industry’s highest ROI website conversion tool overnight. 

The jaw-dropping support statistics on the Trade tool:

  • The average time of new Trade website integration is 24 hours, with the fastest recorded turnaround time of 12 minutes!  
  • The average 5-minute turnaround time to resolve 90% of support tickets.

3.We Build Your Brand, Not Ours

Instead of competing with dealerships for brand awareness and online impressions, Trade allows dealerships to keep their target audience engaged with their sites for trade-in valuations. 

When a user begins the process of valuing their trade-in, we keep them on the dealer’s website. Some of our competitors open up a new browser tab, taking them to their well-known and branded website, and away from the dealer’s site. 

We also don’t proactively market and sell solutions to consumers. We don’t spend millions on advertising to get people to come to to value their car, nor use any other products. Our mission is simple automotive, bringing buyers and dealers together. 

Take a look at Hendrick Toyota North Charleston. You’ll see the Trade market report that a consumer sees sitting on top of their website. As soon as the consumer closes the report, they’re right back where they started.

Hendrick Toyota North Charleston.

The team at TradePending follows an ideology that the dealership has authority over its customer relationship. With the help of Trade, customers get to stay on your site, thus boosting traction and sales. 

4. Most Effective Website Conversion Tool

We integrate the Trade trade-in software organically into dealer’s websites, presenting consumers with transparent market pricing. The tool presents consumers with data from the local market, including list price values from comparable vehicles, displaying supply and demand data as well. The seamless integration on a dealership’s website and crystal-clear transparency account for a sense of security and a positive customer relationship. 

Here’s a sample report generated on a 2018 Honda Odyssey from BMW Northwest, a dealership powered by Tradepending.

Using TradePending’s SNAP Valuation Tool

After completing the form, we send the necessary data, including days in the market, demand, and the customer’s details to the dealership’s CRM. Hence, this practical tool facilitating lead generation for car dealers helps send the most engaging follow-up possible, enhancing conversions. The entire process makes it easy for consumers to see how the market values their vehicle, and easy for dealers to follow up with their potential customers.

Summing Up

The best car dealerships don’t view sales and marketing as different entities. They work best when functioning together in close alignment, aiming towards their shared goal of acquiring leads and converting shoppers. In addition to selling, the sales team provides critical feedback to marketing about the quality of the leads, and how the customers perceive the dealer’s brand. The marketing team works diligently to move shoppers through the sales funnel, with the right message to the right people at the right time.  Using the TradePending Trade tool to yield more conversions will boost the value of your leads, and make the process of finding and acquiring more trade-in leads much easier for both sales and marketing.

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