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Fire Pit Chat with David Gruhin

Fire Pit Chat with Marketing Expert David Gruhin

Join us for a rousing installment of our Fire Pit Chat series with David Gruhin. After “finding automotive by accident”, he’s led big efforts to help dealers make drastic improvements to their marketing strategies. When the pandemic flipped everything upside down, David flipped it back by launching Cheddar Auto, an inventory acquisition platform.
Tune in to hear
  • How he’s sourcing 60+ vehicles per month with Cheddar Auto
  • Where dealers should be allocating their marketing spend today
  • Questions to ask your vendors (and yourself!) to maximize the lifetime value of your customers and your marketing spend
Moderator: Matthew Davis, CMO, TradePending
Speaker: David Gruhin, Co-Founder & Director of Digital Marketing at SearchDRVN / COO of Cheddar Auto