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Drive Your Fixed Ops with Google Business Profile

A brand-new vehicle cost consumers a large chunk of cash. In comparison, maintenance and repair costs look like pennies, but according to Mercer Capital, fixed operations make up nearly 50 percent of total dealership gross profits. If you’ve been in the dealership business for a while, you know that already because the fixed op profit margins are much higher than vehicle sales. With that in mind, the TradePending team wants to equip you with all the tools you can use to drive fixed op sales, including Google Business Profile. Here are six ways your Google Business Profile can boost traffic to your service center.

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Local Search

Whenever you search for a restaurant, grocery store, or, yes, service center, your Google Chrome suggestions will likely add “near me” to the end of the query. Then up pops the Google Map Pack, which is a set of three Google Maps-based results that appear when users conduct local searches and exactly where you want your dealership to be whenever someone searches for “Oil Change near me.” An optimized Google Business Profile can help rank within the map results, increasing the chances of potential customers finding your service center. This simple form of fixed ops marketing can produce powerful results.

Targeted Information

Internet users have a short attention span. They’re busy people who need to get things done quickly, which means they’d rather not weed through your website to find out if you offer the services they’re looking for. Using Google Business Profile lets you display your services and service offers in an easily accessible manner.

Customer Reviews

Reviews influence consumer decisions, especially when services are involved. Your profile makes it easy for users to see what others are saying about their experience with your dealership. Positive reviews can help you build trust and encourage new customers to choose your dealership’s service center for their automotive needs.

Photos and Videos

A picture is worth a thousand words, and when it comes to product recommendations online, it might be worth just as many leads. Showcasing your service bay, technicians, and the types of repairs your dealership completes with photos and videos will give potential customers an impression of the level of quality and professionalism your service center provides.


The busy American life is fast-paced and even when consumers slow down to do research about goods and services before making a purchase, the product that is easier to procure is more likely to win out. Google Business Profile’s available appointment and scheduling tool makes it easier for dealerships to capture the busy leads browsing the web by reducing friction in the sales process.

When users are on your website, tools like TradePending’s Service Offers (formerly Fixed Ops Digital) can help drive sales by making offers available and making the scheduling process even simpler than the scheduling app offered by Google. Once you’ve optimized your Google Business Profile, head over and check out how our service center products can help increase your fixed ops sales.