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Digital Merchandising Tools for Dealerships

Find the Best Digital Merchandising Tools for Dealerships in 2024

The auto industry doesn’t shy away from innovation, and car buyers expect nothing less than the most streamlined shopping process the latest advancements can give them. For car dealerships, that means the tools you use to match customers with their next set of wheels should mirror the cutting-edge nature of the vehicles you sell. As we enter 2024, make sure your sales team is equipped with these three stand-out tools to enhance your customers’ experience and drive sales.

Video – Revolutionizing Customer Engagement

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth a million. TradePending’s Video for Sales (formerly Snapcell) takes the impersonal words of templated emails and helps sales teams turn them into engaging videos. Snapcell’s strength comes from its ability to bridge the gap between the in-store shopping experience and the online sales process. Armed with Video for Sales, your talented sales representatives can send personalized video messages and walkarounds of vehicles for an enhanced virtual shopping experience.

TradePending Payments – Simplifying Financial Transactions

TradePending’s Payments is another tool modern dealerships will find indispensable. The tool is a game changer for dealerships and car shoppers alike, simplifying the complex financial aspects of car buying for both parties. Payments seamlessly integrates into dealership websites and allows customers to quickly calculate monthly payments, interest rates, and loan terms as they shop.

The tool saves dealerships time and gives your customers the confidence they need as they continue their shopping experience. Its easy-to-use interface lets customers input variables such as down payments, trade-in value, and credit scores to get a clear picture of their financial commitment. The transparency the tool enables builds trust and empowers customers, leading to a smoother sales process and higher conversion rates.

Service Offers – Streamlining Service Operations

Service Offers (formerly Fixed Ops Digital) is designed to enhance the service and maintenance aspect of dealerships by focusing on creating a more efficient, transparent, and customer-friendly service experience. Digitizing service menus, appointment scheduling, and service tracking reduces wait times and improves communication between the service department and customers.

One of the key benefits of Service Offers is the ability to provide customers with detailed, understandable breakdowns of service costs and requirements, which fosters trust and increases customer satisfaction. In addition, the tool’s analytics capabilities allow service managers to monitor performance, manage inventory, and identify areas for improvement.

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Together, these TradePending solutions address a range of dealership operations aspects and create a more efficient, customer-centric experience. These digital solutions streamline and enhance everything from sales to financing to services, making every interaction between customers and your dealership more enjoyable.