Partner Of The Month

December Partner of the Month: Ancira Nissan

We had previously partnered with Video For Sales and then left, thinking we could find better video platforms. We were wrong… so, we returned and haven’t looked back.”

Ancira Nissan rightfully earns the December 2023 Partner of the Month with their exceptional service and ability to stay ahead of the curve. 

We recently caught up with Rob Malanowski, Internet Manager, and Krystin Bauer, Business Development Center Supervisor, to learn how video has impacted their dealership. Buckle up!

Ancira Nissan

What were the primary challenges your dealership faced before implementing video? 

Ancira Nissan: We wanted to stand out from the competition. San Antonio has many Nissan dealerships, so our challenge was providing potential customers with unique and efficient information that sets us apart. Video is the #1 way we can do this in our sales and marketing efforts today.

How has video influenced your dealership’s operations and customer engagement?

Ancira Nissan: It significantly increased customer responses. By sending personalized walk-around videos, we’ve created a more engaging experience for our clients. It has also positively impacted our Google reviews, as customers appreciate these videos, whether they’re introductions or walk-arounds of vehicles.

Can you elaborate on how your dealership ensures customer satisfaction and how video assists in this process?

Ancira Nissan: We prioritize delivering on promises made to our customers. The initial communication includes a promise to send a walk-around video. When customers schedule appointments, we assure them that their chosen vehicle will be ready. 

With Video For Sales, we not only deliver the walk-around video but also send a video showing the car parked in the delivery bay with a reserved sign bearing their name, reassuring them that we fulfill our promises.

Based on your experiences, what emerging trends do you anticipate in the automotive industry, and how does video help you respond?

Ancira Nissan: One significant trend is affordability, as vehicle costs have increased. Using video enhances the customer experience, giving us a competitive edge, helping to  alleviate the strain of costs. That additional trust factor that video builds is key to winning and keeping more customers.

What advice would you give to other dealerships contemplating a partnership with Video For Sales?

Ancira Nissan: Well, initially we’d say we don’t want them to because we want to be the only one! But jokes aside, we highly recommend it. Train your team well and regularly check their videos. Hands-on training, showing them how to start the video, the best angles, starting with a smile, clean cuts, and more can make all the difference. Video For Sales is easy to use, but it’s crucial that everyone uses it correctly.

How did the onboarding process go for your team?

Ancira Nissan: It was straightforward. We had previously partnered with Video For Sales and then left, thinking we could find better video platforms. We were wrong… so, we returned and haven’t looked back. The onboarding process is smooth, especially for new hires. Our Business Development Center transitioned smoothly, and we now send out a lot of information through Video For Sales, not just videos. Overall, the onboarding experience was excellent.

Do you offer incentives to your salesmen for using video?

Ancira Nissan: Absolutely, we have a ‘Video of the Week’ initiative. We pick good and bad videos, then once a week we gather in the break room and play them on a projector. We discuss the not-so-great videos to see how we could improve. Then we play the top three videos, and the salesmen vote on the best one. The winner gets a free half day off.

Ancira Nissan keeps pushing boundaries, not just in good ol’ San Antonio, but in the whole industry. Their dedication to giving customers an unforgettable experience, along with their creative use of video, makes them stand out. From hands-on staff training to smart customer engagement tactics, Ancira Nissan truly embodies the essence of our Partner of the Month award.

Congrats, Ancira Nissan!