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Customers Rave For Trade and Badges

We love our customers. We work hard to build great products for them, and they reward us by not only sticking around for years, but also by sharing why they stick around. Want to know why? Read on!

Working with Badges

Justin Brun

Justin started at Acton in 2005, and has seen just about everything when it comes to digital marketing. In addition to his role at Acton, he sees and advises on the marketing strategies and tactics for over 50 other dealerships as a co-founder of Dynamic Beacon.

“I’ve seen all the tools available for dealership websites, and Trade is “hands down” the simplest and most effective product for conversion and lead generation”.

Justin first signed up for Trade in 2016. ,“I first thought to myself, “Why do we need a trade widget on our home page”, but I was quickly blown away with the quality and quantity of leads Trade was generating”.

Since then, ,“It’s easily the highest ROI solution for any dealer’s website in the last 15 years. Trade is a tireless workhorse for generating leads for our sales teams”.

value your trade

Acton Toyota leverages Trade beyond their website. ,“We’ve incorporated Trade into numerous marketing campaigns. People respond very well to emails inquiring about acquiring and valuing their trade, so we make effective use of this technique”.


As with all new and current customers, TradePending’s team works to ensure that we optimize Trade across a dealer’s website. “The installation team is great about ensuring that Trade is everywhere on our sites. Accessibility and ease-of-use are key for the consumer, and it couldn’t be any better”.

When comparing Trade to other tools in the market, “There’s just no comparison”, says Brun. “There’s nothing that even comes close to competing with Trade for lead volume and return-on-investment.”

Once dealers experience working with TradePending and Trade, they’re whole perspective on trade-in leads and website conversion changes.

As Peter says “After years of following the OEM herd, I was introduced to Trade, and I was hooked! We were 

Peter Deiser

happy to see our trade leads literally double when we added Trade to all our sites,.

One of the most powerful features of Trade is the ability to control the trade-in ranges and fees in the market report. This is especially true during any kind of market volatility.

“The price range provided is perfectly controllable with the adjustable recon expenses by brand or market, and the numbers are spot on. The range is narrow enough to make our clients comfortable with the trade value, yet wide enough to allow our appraisers the necessary leeway to make the deal and still not disappoint the client. It is very rare that our actual appraised value is not within the Trade range provided.”

One of the reasons Trade doubles and triples lead volume is because it’s so simple for consumers to use, especially on mobile devices. Within ten seconds or less, consumers have access to their trade-in report, versus other solutions which can take minutes, killing conversion rates.

“The intuitiveness of the platform was a game-changer in the industry; many trade tools have since tried to copy it.”

The return-on-investment of Trade makes it a must-have for any dealer. “,I am a HUGE fan of Trade! It’s one of a very few “no-brainer” products that we implemented years ago and still use today.”

Jim Congdon

When customers work with TradePending, they do so knowing that the best technology and product trumps a big brand name any day of the week.

“The fact that TradePending isn’t some huge cookie-cutter brand is a huge plus. Customers accept Trade and trust it more. They see they’re going to get accurate values, not some lowball number controlled by a corporate decision maker.”

“When our shoppers have greater trust in the trade-in form, they give us more valid contact information. We get fewer fake emails and phone numbers with Trade.”

Trade’s flexibility to integrate into other platforms, such as Facebook, also provides new campaign opportunities.

“Through Trade’s Facebook integration, we source trade-in leads via Trade directly from Facebook. It’s a slick solution.”

And while there are free solutions out there, or solutions that come bundled with for “free” with other products, the ROI on Trade still makes it a “no-brainer” decision.

“One of our sister stores still uses one of the free trade-in tools, just because it’s free. They don’t come anywhere close to closing as many deals as we do with TradePending.”

Working with Badges

John Bartle

We designed Badges to build value and create urgency as shoppers browse a dealer’s website.

“Because our customers finally see what makes our inventory unique, two great things happen,. ,First, they’ve got more incentive and urgency to visit our dealership. Second, our conversations with customers focus on the unique value of each vehicle, instead of starting with price negotiations immediately.”

While the task of digitally merchandising every piece of inventory seems daunting, Badges ingests the inventory feed each night, automatically applying over 30 badges to the inventory.

Verified High Demand Badges

“We love Badges because it’s so easy. TradePending ingests our inventory and everything else happens automatically. We are leapfrogging our competition when it comes to merchandising the inventory on our website” remarks Bartle.

In any competitive market for new cars, making the inventory stand out against the same vehicle a few miles down the road is challenging.

“With all things being equal a customer can buy the same exact new car from any number of dealerships. What are we doing to be unequal? Badges truly gives us the competitive advantage in the online world to turn website clicks into customers”.

Part of their success is using Badges to message to consumers things that are typically buried or completely unknown to the consumer.

Verified One of a Kind Badges

“We are constantly looking for ways to increase exposure to the multitude of rebates and OEM incentives we have to offer. We have found that New Car Custom Badges delivers an excellent opportunity to show and explain conditional rebates like Trade-In Assist and conquest incentives on our website. We’re also using it extensively to message “At Home Delivery” and sanitizing/disinfecting options currently.”

Badges also provides custom options to highlight the extra effort and expenditures dealers go to in order to bring used cars to market.

“My goal is to add as much value as possible to every preowned vehicle we have. Adding custom Badges like New Tires, New Brakes, and a Preowned Warranty does exactly that, letting consumers know there’s added value in this vehicle. It converts website clicks into showroom visits, and provides us with great talk tracks when discussing price, helping us hold more gross.”

Jim Congdon

One of Badges best features isn’t a product feature, but instead is a sales enablement feature. Jim at Burritt Motors quickly discovered that Badges was sparking new conversations.

“After we implemented Badges, Our BDC teams experienced something they’d never seen before with customers: Customers were calling in, asking about and commenting on Badges. TradePending turns website visitors into active conversations.


“Our BDC teams quickly grew comfortable with Badges, easily integrating them into their talking points with customers. The badges help customers know what’s special about each vehicle, and they help our team communicate bigger value when discussions eventually turn to price.”

Indeed, Badges empowers sales and BDC teams to handle pricing questions.

“When we can show how a vehicle is one of the lowest mileage cars in the area, or is in high demand, Badges justifies our price, without having to talk about price.”

examples of badges