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Custom Badges for Custom Messaging

Our Badges product make cars unique and builds value in them. They’re a great way to tell consumers, at a quick glance, that they’re ‘low-mileage’ or a ‘rare trim’.

Badges are automatically applied to 96% of your inventory. These badges have changed the car buying conversation for good. See how dealerships have taken this tool and utilized its power to merchandise beyond the standard VIN based implementation. This is another way to introduce more value to the purchase and create even more urgency for the consumer.

It’s easy for us to help, we tag your Badges to your inventory based on:

Particular years / Make / Models / Mileage

Dealerships have been utilizing custom Badges in new and great ways.

TradePending BonusCash Superlative

Dealerships had to think quickly on their feet how to get out its message to its consumers that they could no longer meet face-to-face. By adding custom messages to Badges, they were able to adapt.

Look at this example for $1,000 Bonus Cash when buying a 2020 Dodge Journey. Dealers were able to merchandise that extra incentive at just the right time in the purchase process.

TradePending Accessory Superlative

Chevy offered a $1,000 accessory allowance if you bought a new truck. That will go a long way to bigger tires, a light bar, or brush guards to make a customer’s new truck their own. We were able to tag which VINs dealers wanted these custom Badges to appear.  They were tagged by particular years, makes, models, and even mileage, making it a no-hassle approach to sharing this customized marketing.

Loyalty Bonus Trade In

TradePending Custom Superlative Honda Loyalty

When a Honda Dealership needed help with getting more Hondas on their used lot, they approached our support staff with this request. They wanted to offer:

  • $1,000 toward Cap Cost Reduction or Down Payment
  • Trade-in only for Hondas 2010 or newer
  • Be used for a 2020 Honda Pilot

Our ability to intelligently add these badges made this a simple process. Game, set, ball is in the customer’s court.

Badges for your Sales Events!TradePending Summer Sales Superlative

Kia needed a Badges to talk about their Summer Sticker Sales Event. What better way to show off your sticker event but with a Badges badge! It offers $2,000 cash back to the customer with a see dealer for details. Now you have customers calling you and asking for more information about the sales event.

With one email to our Support team, you can have a custom Badge for every sales event. You no longer have to field questions about whether a certain car is included in the event. That information is right there on the SRP and VDP.

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