Company News Drives Auto Dealer Vehicle Acquisition with TradePending API Integration

TradePending API for vehicle today announced a new integration between its Dynamic Creative Ad Platform and TradePending’s Valuation and Merchandising API to power a unique message to car owners targeting specific vehicle models for auto dealer acquisition.

Trade Pending is a leading provider of vehicle valuation and merchandising software to car dealerships. Cognition Digital’s advertising platform is the only ad engine on the market that dynamically generates and serves content using life-stage signals designed specifically to integrate with Amazon’s suite of Ad Tech solutions.

Combining the power of Amazon audiences, Cognition Digital’s customized ads that match audience segments, and TradePending’s real-time market data significantly boosts a dealer’s ability to acquire the right inventory through the consumer trade-in market. One dealer using the tool boosted vehicle acquisition from an average of twelve vehicles to eighty-nine vehicles per month.

Consumers are delivered a compelling offer based upon current market valuation and relevant vehicles they are likely to own. According to Cognition Digital CEO Carson Henry, this process helps drive the consumer to a point closer to an actual purchase offer. It also removes the friction of inputting vehicle data and personal information before they can accurately gauge the potential market value of their vehicle.

“CognitionDigital is thrilled to be able to remove barriers between customers and dealerships. Pairing our Vehicle Acquisition Templates with TradePending’s API creates a unique solution that provides invaluable information to consumers about the potential value of their vehicle very early in the engagement process,” Henry stated.

Cognition Digital’s Dynamic Acquisition Ads are a powerful tool in today’s tight inventory market. With the new integration, auto dealers can now leverage real-time value from the TradePending Valuation and Merchandising API, delivering a relevant, model-specific offer to a customer without the need to input any form data. This makes it easier to maintain the right inventory mix on their lot.

Cognitiondigital delivers a customer-centric advertising experience resulting in higher clickthrough rates, lower cost per action, and a more efficient media buy. The platform enables automotive dealerships to efficiently communicate the right message to the right audiences while highlighting their local dealership across display and video media buys, reaching automotive customers based on their unique life stages.

The platform also connects with the tools the dealership uses and efficiently integrates with all major inventory solutions to help dealers get the most out of their inventory.

Learn more about the TradePending API here.