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Can Spanish Content Boost Your Fixed Ops?

English is the most dominant language on the internet, even though, globally, more than 460 million people speak Spanish as their first language, making it the second most natively spoken language, eclipsed only by Mandarin. When you account for those who’ve learned the language later in life, English moves from third place to first place, but Spanish still ranks in the top five most popular languages in the world. And according to Forbes, the United States is home to the second-largest population of Spanish speakers. So, the answer to whether Spanish content can boost your fixed ops sales is a resounding “Yes!” The language is so widely spoken, that crafting content for its speakers will improve the reach and influence for every aspect of your dealership.

Here are three reasons to add Spanish pages, blogs, and more to your dealership’s content strategy.

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Instantly Expand Your Reach

According to the 2023 U.S. Census, 63.7 million Spanish speakers call our nation home and 13 percent of our population speaks Spanish at home. Based on current trends, nearly a third of the population will speak Spanish as a first or second language by 2050. This is why many brands have incorporated Spanish content in their marketing strategy. Doing so effectively expands their market reach by millions and failing to do so means opting out of tens of thousands of search engine queries that could bring new customers to their dealership, parts center, and service center. Imagine not being included in local search results simply because users typed “cambio de aceite cerce de mi,” instead of “oil change near me.” Inclusiveness is the future of marketing.

Reduce Your Competition

Even though millions of people speak Spanish worldwide, W3Techs, a web-scanning firm, estimates that only 4.9 percent of web domains in use are written in Spanish. Most businesses are slowly correcting for this imbalance but there are still far fewer Spanish pages than there are English pages, meaning your Spanish service center page will have fewer competitors.

Improve Your Conversion Rates

According to CSA Research’s “Can’t Read Won’t Buy – B2C” Analysis, 72.1 percent of consumers spend the majority of their online time on websites written in their native language or the language they speak at home, even those who speak a second language. When you create multilingual content for your website, consumers are less likely to leave your website the moment they realize it isn’t written in their preferred language. Users will spend more time on your website overall, and we all know that more time generally increases the likelihood of a conversion.

Furthermore, no matter how appealing your inventory or fixed ops service offers are, customers who can’t read the language it’s written in aren’t likely to make a purchase. To better serve the multilingual population in your area, use TradePending’s Trade product for trade-in valuations and Service Offers to create Spanish content for trade-ins and service specials on your website. Your Spanish speaking customers will thank you!