Product Updates

A Refresh of The Supply Box

We’ve released a minor change to TradePending’s market report this morning that providers a simpler approach for both consumers and dealers to understand the local supply of a trade-in.

Previously, we showed pins on a map where similar vehicles were for sale, sometimes leading to confusion as to what those pins represented. With this design update, we’re showing how the supply of a vehicle has changed in the consumer’s local market over the last 90 days.

Below are a few before and after examples.

BEFORE – Supply Increases

TradePending Supply Box Before - Increase Example

AFTER – Supply Increases

Talk Tracks for Increasing Supply

If the supply has increased, focus your talk tracks on using the data from the market report to explain “There’s more supply in the area, which means that your vehicle will likely take longer to sell, and thus at a lower price point”.

You can use this as a way to hold gross and adjust a customer’s expectations as to their vehicle’s worth in a non-confrontational way.


BEFORE – Supply Decreases


AFTER – Supply Decreases


TradePending Supply Box - Decrease Supply - After

Talk Tracks for Decreasing Supply

If the supply has decreased, focus your talk tracks on building urgency. Lower supply means that a customer’s trade is likely more desirable. As a result, it’s a more valuable vehicle that your dealership is eager to take in.