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5 Ways Integrated Marketing Can Help Your Dealership

How Can Integrated Marketing Solutions Help Your Dealership?

How does integrated marketing help dealerships? Well, for starters, your sales representatives no longer have to be the bad guys in your customers’ minds.

The number of car-shopping experiences that begin in person has dwindled as people migrate to the fourth space – a digital mirror of human interactions where researching a new vehicle is a process of deep diving through site after site rather than making several visits to your local dealerships and engaging in a haggler battle with a sales representative. It’s great for car shoppers, and with a bit of marketing magic, it’s a win for dealerships and sales reps, too.

Car shopping starts on 7-inch phone screens. You need to be everywhere they are so that when they’re ready to leave the fourth space and start shopping IRL (in real life), it’s your dealership they come to.

Enter integrated marketing, a seamless car-buying journey that hooks shoppers into a marketing funnel that leads them right to your showroom. Here are five ways integrated marketing can help you attract leads, improve lead quality, and increase your closing rate.

1. Trade & Offer: From Clicks to Leads (and Beyond)

Forget the mystery. TradePending’s Trade & Offer tool instantly generates accurate trade-in values on your website, answering the age-old question, “What’s my car worth?” This transparency attracts leads right when they’re thinking trade-in, sparking their interest and building trust from the get-go. But Trade & Offer doesn’t stop there. It seamlessly integrates with other tools like:

  • Payments: Let customers explore financing options for specific vehicles with interactive calculators, fueling purchase excitement.
  • AutoBio: Compelling vehicle descriptions infused with Trade & Offer values create personalized listings that stand out, showcasing why your car is their dream match.

2. From Ads to Aisle: A Personalized Path

Targeted ads featuring Trade & Offer estimates grab attention, while personalized landing pages with embedded Payments calculators keep prospects engaged. AutoBio descriptions packed with unique features and your Trade & Offer value make your listings shine. It’s a cohesive journey, pulling them from the initial ad click to a virtual showroom experience, all within your website.

3. Video Power: Building Trust, One Smile at a Time

Snapcell lets you record personalized video messages directly addressing website visitors’ questions and concerns. Imagine a friendly face welcoming them, addressing their trade-in value, and highlighting vehicle features – a powerful trust-builder that sets you apart from competitors.

4. Gamification: Make the Journey Fun!

Interactive Payment calculators turn affordability exploration into a game, letting customers experiment with different down payments and loan terms. This playful approach reduces purchase anxiety and keeps them engaged, inching closer to that “buy” button.

5. Social Proof: Let Your Happy Customers Do the Talking

Showcase positive customer testimonials alongside Trade & Offer values and personalized vehicle descriptions. Social proof builds trust and convinces potential buyers they’re making the right choice. Integrate Snapcell messages from satisfied customers for an extra dose of authenticity.

Integrated marketing creates a seamless, personalized experience. TradePending’s tools work together to guide customers effortlessly, from online research to a confident purchase in your showroom. It’s time to ditch the disjointed marketing tactics and embrace the power of an integrated approach fueled by TradePending’s innovative tools. So, start revving your marketing engine.