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2024 Sales Kickoff is a Wrap!

Sales Kick Off!

We wrapped up our 2024 Sales Kickoff in Charleston, SC last week are proud to recognize the winners of our annual President’s Club.

These sales pros crushed their goals for 2023 and worked hard to bring our valuable products to dealers across the United States and Canada.

Here are the winners. Congratulations, and let’s give them a hand!


Individual Winners
Natalie Nester – Regional Sales Manager of the Year
Michael Stearns – Senior Account Executive of the Year
Sara Wright – Customer Success Manager of the Year
Kayla Wicker – Rookie of the Year
Jennifer Garzinski – Most Business Reviews
Dan McDonnell – Lowest Customer Attrition


President’s Club
Natalie Nester
David Lowitz
Bob Jors
Joe Perot
Michael Stearns
Sara Wright
David Durham
Jessica Sohn
Megan Demaree