5 Reasons You Need Service Specials Management Software

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Ramp Up your Fixed Ops Marketing with Service Specials Management

Your fixed ops are an integral part of your dealership’s business, and providing essential maintenance is a prime measure for retaining customers long after they’ve purchased their vehicles from your lot. You must show potential customers all you have to offer in your service department to stand out from the competition. With our Fixed Op Digital tools, you can show the value of your auto shop clearly and accurately.

Customization for Your Goals

With a wide range of features and tools, you can emphasize the service and quality that makes your business unique. Fixed Op Digital offers a variety of convenient features to enhance your website and service pages. From our user-friendly recall widget to interactive video options, social sharing, OEM-compliant themes, and more, Fixed Op Digital has the digital solutions to fine-tune your online service image to appeal to potential customers.

Manage Your Dealership Specials

When shoppers go online looking for auto service, they value both savings and transparency. That’s why our service offers management tools help you offer accurate pricing on your core services, plus OEM-recommended mileage and time intervals for specific services. You can also instill a sense of immediacy and urgency with real-time weather offer prioritization and automatically updated expiration dates.

Track Your Progress

Our oversight and reporting tools allow you to analyze interactions with site visitors on your service pages. Innovative GA4 reporting gives you insight into how they use your site and features, and the offers that consumers value most.

Engage Shoppers with Interactivity

Our dynamic video platform lets you catch your audience’s attention with live offers and interactive touch points as customizable branches allow each site visitor to find what they’re looking for in a user-friendly, intuitive setting.

Look Up Recalls with Ease

No VIN? No problem. Whenever your customers need to look up a vehicle’s recall information, they can use its license plate numbers with our lookup software. This tool is intuitive, easy to use, and seamlessly integrates into your present service web pages, and is a great lead generator for a profitable arm of your business.

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