October 5, 2020

Did Wobbly Bird, P.I. drop something off?

Did you receive one of these packets?

This month, our semi-lovable mascot Wobbly Bird is out inspecting dealership lots. He’s snooping around to see who merchandises their cars with stickers, but still don’t merchandise their online inventory. Badges is the proven way to make that happen.

With Badges, every car on your lot becomes unique. This means your team has more to talk about than price. Build value into the cars by showing their best attributes. Is it a very low mileage car for its age? Badges automatically applies the Verified Low Mileage banner to the listing.

It’s proven that consumers that engage with Badges-enhanced inventory consistently outperform regular website visitors. As a result, they’ll spend nearly triple the time on your site, visit 3x more pages per session and be twice as likely to return.

Discover how Badges can empower your team to:
• Speak value, instead of price
• De-commoditize new cars
• Create urgency in the consumer

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