June 9, 2020

Webinar: Navigating the Crossroads of Digital & Consumer Experience

Originally scheduled for late March, we hit the brakes on this webinar as most things came to a screeching halt. With “things” slowly returning to “normal”, we’re bringing the webinar back. We’re revising the content to reflect the current market reality.

Join us on Tuesday June 23rd, 2pm ET for this webinar. Expert panelists George Nenni and Paul Schnell unravel the myths and share firsthand data about the current state of digital retailing. Topics include:

  • The truth sets on consumer behavior
  • Creating seamless experiences between digital retailing leads and the new reality of car buying
  • Important data sets to power and refine digital retailing
  • Digital retailing’s short and long-term future Speakers Joe Dallas, Chief Business Officer, TradePending George Nenni, Owner, Generations Digital Paul Schnell, Director, Digital Marketing, Alpha Auto Group

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