January 14, 2020

TradePending Releases Superlatives for New Car Inventory

TradePending, a pioneer in bringing transparency to automotive research and purchase process, now offers their cutting-edge Superlatives product for merchandising new car inventory on websites. This release follows the successful launch of Superlatives for used car inventory in early 2019.

After a simple website integration, Superlatives ingests a dealer’s inventory every day. Superlatives then automatically applies visual badges, specific to each car, to highlight what makes it unique and different within a dealer’s local market. Examples include merchandising options such as “Verified Rare Find”, “Popular Engine”, and “Verified Rare Trim”, as well as over forty additional attributes.

“Because our customers finally see what makes our inventory unique, two great things happen,” says John Bartle, Digital Marketing Manager at Hebert’s Town and Country. “First, they’ve got more incentive and urgency to visit our dealership. Second, our conversations with customers focus on the unique value of each vehicle, instead of starting with price negotiations immediately.”

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The Superlatives product is powered by ingesting approximately 8 million vehicle listings per day, generating over 900 million unique data points across the TRADEPENDING dataset. From this trove of data, Superlatives automatically detects and selects which vehicle attributes are unique across a dealer’s entire inventory.

“We love Superlatives because it’s so easy. TRADEPENDING ingests our inventory and everything else happens automatically. We are leapfrogging our competition when it comes to merchandising the inventory on our website,” remarks Bartle.

CEO Brice Englert says “Our mission is to make the automotive buying process simple, and to bring transparency to the process. Transparency doesn’t just mean price, it also means highlighting a vehicle’s positive attributes. Our customers love being able to showcase what they love about their cars to their buyers, while protecting against margin compression.”

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