October 27, 2020

Increasing Facebook Likes for Your Dealer’s Facebook Page

TradePending SNAP Facebook IntegrationIn order to utilize the Facebook integration with TradePending’s trade-in tool, a dealer must have 2,000 likes for their Facebook business page.  For increasing likes, not promoting cars, take a different angle than your normal campaign promotions. Here’s what that integration looks like on Florida Fine Cars.  To see a demo of how we set this up, schedule a demo here.

A Social Media Fundamental
Let’s start with a fundamental of social media marketing: Have a content calendar and follow it. Plan out your posts a month in advance and schedule them. Hootsuite and Sendible are two options for tools that do social media scheduling. Having a plan takes a lot of the guesswork out of what to post and when.

Focus on Community, Not Cars
Put less focus on the cars, and more on the community. Can you tell the stories of some of the people that bought cars from you? Veterans? Non-profits? Kids doing cool things? Stories about your employees? These will resonate with a broader audience, and potentially get more likes than your latest financing special.

Run a contest or promotion based upon liking the page. Make sure you check with Facebook and/state rules around running contests. Example: “Like our page to be entered win three free oil changes.”

Host events
Host an event, making sure to create an event on Facebook. We’re preaching to the choir when we say that holidays make a great excuse for a fun event, like pumpkin carvings during Halloween and frozen turkey bowling before Thanksgiving.

Promote other local community events
Partner with other community events to promote them and spread the word, thus reaching a larger audience.

When all else fails, go with straight-up pandering
– Post the occasional meme about cars.
– People love kittens and puppies. Work with a local animal shelter and let puppies and kittens play in the bed of a truck. Livestream it, record some video and share it. If that doesn’t get likes, nothing will!

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