June 30, 2021

Badges Gets Fast & Furious


We decided to have a little fun with our product Badges. We took a look at some of the cars in the new F9 trailer to see what kind of badges those cars would earn.

What is Badges?

Badges is a vehicle merchandising tool which assigns data-driven badges to each vehicle on a dealer’s site. Our algorithms analyze each vehicle’s current market demand, supply, mileage compared to other vehicles, attributes (like trim packages, engine types), and price to determine which Badges a car will receive.

Why Dealers Love Badges

Dealers love this software because of the way it empowers their sales team with new talking points (stop talking about prices, talk about why the price is a great deal because there are no similar vehicles within 300 miles!). Plus, Badges increases consumer engagement on dealer’s websites by 2-3x.


Schedule a demo of Badges here to see how it will work on your website.