June 9, 2021

Effective Car Dealership Marketing Ideas That Will Work in 2021

If the last 18 months have taught us anything about car shoppers, it’s that we never really know what to expect. What does stay consistent is how the modern-day shopper approaches the car buying experience. 

Gone are the days when car shoppers hop from one dealership to another. Instead, present-day shoppers go for intensive research, compare deals, and rely upon user feedback before stepping inside a car dealership showroom. In addition, almost 92 per cent of car shoppers research online before they buy a vehicle. 

Investing in car dealership marketing software to boost your organic rankings and focusing on user engagement to retain potential leads during the buying journey is vital. With that in mind, here are five car dealership marketing ideas that will grow your business. 

1. Use Demographics on Google Analytics to Assist in Vehicle Stocking

Every smart dealer knows they can generate more conversions by selecting suitable cars based on local interest. There are also numerous tools that show which vehicles are selling in the local market. Most don’t realize that their own website’s Google Analytics data provides interesting demographic insights to aid in this strategy.

Car dealerships can benefit from Google Analytics by researching the local demographics and car search trends. Take a look at this illustration to understand how the Analytics dashboard can help monitor demographics data.

Effective Car Dealership Marketing Ideas
Google Analytics data
Source: https://www.monsterinsights.com/how-to-find-demographic-and-interest-reports-in-google-analytics/


Car dealerships can also use the “Queries” section in Google Analytics to see which keywords result in the most traffic and clicks. You can see what this looks like in the data below, anonymized for this dealer. This section lives under Acquisition > Search Console, and does require integrating Search Console into your Google Analytics account

marketing campaigns

Pairing this insight with marketing campaigns and car dealership lead generation software will help you cater to local interest groups and relevant searches, boosting sales and website conversions. 

2. Utilize Social Media to Target Young Buyers

Snapchat, Tiktok, and Instagram are among the most used social media platforms for teens, millennials, and Gen Z users. These networking sites are different from the likes of Facebook and Twitter as they are visual-based. 

Car dealerships may find it hard to generate new and engaging content for these platforms, but it’s easier to reach new audiences with the ‘explore’ or ‘browse’ sections. Make use of third-party apps like Hashtagify and Display Purposes to increase your reach and audience.

Here’s an interesting post by a car dealership with an attractive offer. They use the right kind of hashtags to target young and enthusiastic car searchers.

car dealership with an attractive offer
Source: https://www.instagram.com/p/COzQv_SFeLD/


3. Invest in Local SEO Efforts

Local SEO is a crucial aspect of any marketing strategy for a car dealership. When shoppers hit a google search for “car dealers near me,” your car dealership listing should appear in the SERP, or search engine results page, along with a proper address, contact number, and a good amount of user reviews. 

Look at this search result from Los Angeles looking for car dealerships in and around the local neighbourhood.

car dealerships around the local neighborhood

Uplifting your SEO efforts, paired with website conversions from car dealership marketing software, will boost SEO rankings and help engage more customers, bringing more traction and traffic to your website and Google My Business page

4. Enhance Your Website User Experience

A responsive website with excellent user experience (UX) that gives consumers exactly what they want, is critical in today’s digital world. 

In this January 2021 study of 1,469 consumers, the three most important functions of a dealer’s website are:

  1. Research new and used inventory
  2. Research the value of a trade-in
  3. Schedule a service appointment

most important functions of a dealer’s website

The best user experience for consumers puts these items front and centre, allowing shoppers to quickly access the information most relevant to them.

Look at Wilsonville Toyota for inspiration. Its clean and attractive UX is visually appealing and quickly hits upon those three most important items that consumers want to learn about.

Wilsonville Toyota
Source: https://wilsonvilletoyota.com

Seamless navigation facilitates vehicle shoppers to search for desired models, makes, and services related to cars all in one place. This attracts more customers to your website, allowing them to schedule visits, value their trade-in, and take test drives, thus boosting traffic, popularity, and sales within a local market. 

5. Optimize Your Website for Voice Search

Nearly one-third of the US’ total population use voice search to look for service on the internet. The rise of artificial intelligence with developments like Amazon Alexa, Apple’s Siri, and Google Home have heavily impacted users’ behavior on the internet, making voice search more commonplace. 

Optimizing for voice search (six great tips here in this article) on your car dealership website can yield fantastic results for your company. One of the most relevant strategies for car dealers is to create an FAQ page that answers all of the most common questions your local customers are likely to ask. Think across both sales and service.

  • Where is the closest Ford dealership?
  • Where can I get my oil changed?
  • Who has the best car service nearby?

Final Thoughts

We routinely cover lead generation for car dealers in our webinars, social media, and blog posts. However, the ideas above go beyond the standard best practices, providing fresh inspiration and new ideas to test. 



Are you looking for more ideas and help with sourcing inventory? Download our “Ultimate Checklist for Sourcing Pre-Owned Inventory“.