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TradePending Customer Support Wins a Stevie Award

TradePending receives bronze Stevie Award

It’s no secret to our staff and our customers that our customer support team is top notch. We’re thrilled to announce that the team brought home their first ever Stevie Award. The organization awarded them the bronze trophy in the category “Front-Line Customer Service Team of the Year – Technology Industries”.

We know that the TradePending support team does a lot with a little. Here are a few reasons why The Stevie Awards recognized our support team this year.

  • They handle thousands of requests each month from over 2,900 active product installations with their small staff of 7 people. 
  • Closing over 92% of their tickets in one-touch, a significant contributor to the company’s improving retention rates.
  • They helped reduce churn in 2020 by 22%.
  • In July of 2020, the team of 7 handled 6,484 requests, or 926 cases per person.
  • The time to launch a new customer has held steady at 3.4 days, with our fastest implementation taking only 9 minutes.

In April of 2020, Support and Development worked together to build automated alerts. These alerts notified our support team of potential issues, allowing them to isolate and solve them before the customers even noticed. This provided huge gains to the quality of our integrations and customer interactions.

The comments from the judges themselves convey the impact of the team.

“Great planning and execution to keep business running efficiently during the pandemic, great commitment from employees, and teamwork.”

“Impressive numbers for such a small team. I like the proactive approach to customer issues.”

Finally and most importantly, our customers sum up nicely the experience of working with our support team. Congratulations for winning a Stevie Award!