What is Your Car Really Worth?

What is Your Car Really Worth?


Question: What is the first thing you do when looking to sell or trade-in your car?
Answer: Research the value

Question: Where do you go to value your car or trade-in?
Answer: KBB, Black Book, NADA, etc. etc.

Question: How are those values determined?
Answer: ?

Question: What is my car truly worth?
Answer: Whatever the market will bear!

These are not tough questions, until you ask how a the value of your car is determined. TRADEPENDING has introduced the first, transparent, market-based pricing reports for consumers in the industry. Let’s take a closer look…

You can see in the image below, we build our reports based on real cars for sale. See those little dots, those are similar cars. When you plot them based on Value (y-axis) and Mileage (x-axis) you can see a clear trend. Then if you plot your car’s mileage you can see exactly what your car is worth. Simple.


Sample TP Plugin Report


Get your market report today by clicking HERE and selecting your car in the simple type-ahead box.